f Three Hundred & Thirty Nine. -Behind the scenes


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Three Hundred & Thirty Nine. -Behind the scenes

April 15, 2012 /

Finally have some time to blog about the behind-the-scenes of the short film which I did last year.
Don't know if you have seen the video, but here it is:

Thanks to E, who told me about this assignment.
She was supposed to be taking the role,
but something happened during that period so she kindly asked if I was interested.

I went down to TP for casting & eventually got the role,
as a teacher.

Hi, nice to meet you.
My name is Monica Liu.

with the awesome crew.
This project, is a project meant for their Final Year Project,
for their diploma in Moving Images.

They had to squeeze n the van,
while I had a comfortable (relatively) front seat with the driver :D

my crew actually consisted of only 4 members(all ladies!),
but many other helpers from other groups were with us during the days of filming.
I really liked how they help each other to finish up their FYPs.
Admirable spirit :)

Andy was from another group,
but he helped out by being the Assitant Director,
& he came for all our filming days. :)

like a sick patient

the fish that you see in the video?
swear i didnt finish it up after filming.
I really...... did.

check out my mask yo.

giving tuition in the park. hahahh

we were to Spain!!!!!!

I kid you.
We merely went to a Spanish restaurant :)
Meet the pretty waitress!

this scene was not included eventually,
due to time limit.

lady in pink is our director, ZiYing :)

the fun-loving team :)

 engrossed in looking at our scenes playback

 so tired I was caught sleeping by May!

I dont behave like how I should be as an actress.
hahahh im so.. not sorry for that.
this is my true self! ;D

I truly enjoyed myself during the filming period.
& it was definitely a good experience.
They may be students, but do not doubt their professionalism.
They really put in a lot of hard work & effort for this project.
I really wish all of them all the best for their career,
now that they have graduated!
Hopefully, in future, we will be working together again as they move on to various production companies. :)

Last but not least, this was what we did on the last day of filming.
You are the apple of my eye.
Hahahah! :)

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