f Four Hundred & Forty Three. -The Saga


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Four Hundred & Forty Three. -The Saga

April 25, 2012 /

I am not here to post all the screenshots/photos of the whole Mike S vs Roy Chuang saga.
If you really wish to know, pls do your own research about this incident.
The news is all over the newspapers(Shin Min, WanBao, The New Paper) & social media the past few days. 

Someone asked me on Formspring, a few friends have asked me about it, my family & bf,
who have all met Mike before, have asked me about it as well.

Here is my answer, which I posted on Formspring:


how do you feel abt the photgrapher mike s incident, since you modeled for him before. =)


"I've mentioned before on this incident: It takes two hands to clap. ;)

yup ive worked with him a number of times before, but nothing has ever happened to me before. 

Simply because I drew a line & made it very clear right from the start. 
So when we worked together for shoots, everything was professional & 
nothing like what the girls mentioned has happened on me.

Whether the stuff mentioned really happened on the girls, 
I cannot verify because I am not the victim. 
Whether the girls/Mike are speaking the truth, only the parties will know clearly.

If the things really did happen to them, I would say, 
why did the girls even allow themselves to land in such situation(s)? 
Naive/innocent or plainly yearning for fame, I do not know. 
Nobody can force them to do anything that they are unwilling to do. 
They could have simply left the scene & not continue with the shoot at all. 
It takes two hands to clap, srsly.

The girl (E) who allowed her nude shoots to be posted on Facebook 
should already be prepared to face whatever attention (positive/negative) right from the start. 
If she claimed that she did not want people (i.e Roy.C) to be sharing the photos, why agree to let the photos be posted & for people to "Like" the photos & perhaps felt satisfied from the likes?! 
The share button is like readily available for anyone isnt it. 
This, is something that I really cannot understand. 
The fact that she called up the newspapers, 
& now that she has made it to so many newspapers' cover page, 
I do not know whether she is enjoying the "fame" or feeling stressed by this whole thing. 

Whatever it is, I hope that this whole saga will be over soon. 
I am sure there are other more important news that our local media can report about, 
rather than having this all over the newspapers' headlines. 
Really? Are there no other important issues that Singaporeans should be concerned about? 
Le sigh."

So yes, I am not here to side with anyone, but just to state the fact & my honest opinions. 
As I mentioned, I do not know if Mike has really done the inappropriate acts. 
Whether he is guilty of the acts or whether the girls are exaggerating, I do not know.
What I do know is that, he has never done any of such to me at all.

Xiaomeimeis, y'all ought to protect yourself. 
This is not the way to gain fame. 
You do not have to do lingerie/nude shoots to get "popular".
If you allow yourself to do such shoots, be prepared for the unnecessary(or perhaps necessary to you) attention. 
If you think the photographer is touchy, or that you are feeling uneasy during the shoots,
PLEASE, FOR GOODNESS SAKE, VOICE OUT immediately & shun away.
If possible, do not even allow yourself to be in a studio with a photographer alone, especially if you do not know him well enough. Bring a friend along if you must.
HAIYA, bottomline: learn to protect yourself and dont be so silly okay?!?

As for Roy. C, I do not know him in person.
If his main motive is really to warn the other girls, then it's a good thing.
At least the other girls/ wanna-bes out there are aware & will learn to protect themselves from the potential lecherous photographers. 
Well, but if his motive is just merely to bring someone down, then I really don't know what to say. 

The End.

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