f Four Hundred & Forty. -my working experiences since young


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Four Hundred & Forty. -my working experiences since young

April 18, 2012 /

Today, let's talk about jobs.
Not just the current job that you are doing, but rather, 
what are the other jobs that you have worked before?

1) For me, my very first "job" was when I was in my Primary school days.
Vague memories of how I followed my sis to the coffeeshop to be a coffee girl.
My sis was helping out at a coffeeshop managed by my neighbour back then.
& I went there to work for a number of times as well.

I was not officially employed as you can see, I was prolly just 10 yrs old or so.
Totally forgot how old i was! Dont even recall how much I received a day,
probably very minimal but definitely enough to make me happy back then. :)

2) Next job, was as a "LTA Surveyor" during my secondary school days.
Basically, each time, we were allocated to different locations.
For example, Holland Village, Changi Airport, McDonald outlets.

So we sat at a place, & observed the taxis that passed by.
For each taxi, we noted down the number of passengers in it.
I have absolutely no idea why LTA had to do such surveys
(& I do not know if they still hire people to do it),
but this was definitely a good job for me back in secondary school.
$5 per hour. That's alot for a secondary school kid back then!

3) I have tried working at Pizza Hut, for one day.
I decided not to work in a fast food restaurant in the end
because I was really afraid of the compulsory injection back then.
HAHHAHAH loser. so yea, one day of work experience at pizza hut ;p

4) Tried selling Xmas/New year cards before.
Mega fail.

5) After O levels, I worked at Bossini, as a sales assistant.
Ever since, I became pretty good at folding clothes.
Ever since, whenever I visit any shops, I make sure that I do not mess up the clothes;
for every piece that I take to see, I will make sure I fold it back nicely.
You have no idea how some people can get so *#%&*#*%&*#$
that they just rummage through your nicely folded stack of clothes,
made it into one messy pile, & even after you asked if they needed help,
they will continue digging, & left eventually without purchasing anything.
Common sight though.
Or rude/unreasonable customers who think you owe them a living.
I remember dancing to Xmas songs daily, with songs on repeat mode,
so much so that even after I reached home,
I could hear the songs ringing in my head.
"All I want for Xmas, is youuuuuuuuuu~"
I worked in Bossini for 2-3 months I think.

6) I have also worked overnight in a factory for a few days,
& did packing of Motorola phone spare parts. seriously.
so you know I was a well-trained night owl since then. hahahahah.

7) After A Levels, I sold school uniforms at various schools.
Worked for Shanghai school uniform.
Went to different schools to sell school uniforms.
A pretty easy and brainless job. :O

8) Next, I worked at Shu Uemura/Lancome as a counter assistant.
Back then, I had zero knowledge about cosmetics.
Since I was just doing part-time, I did not go through any courses as well.
Like a complete noob at work.
Thankfully, I was sent to ghost town areas (e.g Paragon)
& there were not many customers. HAHAHH.
Around 2 months later, I felt that I needed to change job.
I wanted a job which I could learn more useful work experiences from.

9) So, I found a job in IMC Pte Ltd.
Started off as a Front Desk Officer aka Receptionist.
Answered phone calls (there were many departments &
we had a few offices in all the suntec tower buildings so I had to know who to transfer the calls to),
handled the couriers, received guests/visitors,
arranged for meeting rooms, & other ad-hoc admin tasks. Quite a good experience to begin with.
That was also when I started my English name, Shine.
I felt the need to have an English name so that colleagues can remember it easily,
& I can introduce myself without people having difficulties in pronouncing my chinese name :)

After 3 months, I notified a HR colleague, WF,
that I wanted to try something more challenging in another department. &
since I already knew that I was entering into NTU Accountancy,

10) I was transferred to the Treasury department, & worked as a Treasury Assistant.
Dealt with Telegraphic Transfers, payments & receipts.
Was scolded badly in the beginning because of my carelessness,
but I am thankful for the scoldings because from there, I really learnt quite a bit. :)

11) In university, I started taking tuition assigments.
& eventually, opportunities came & I started my modelling/acting career.

12) Did my internship at one of the big 4s (Auditing firm).

13) Worked as a production coordinator after graduating from university,
while taking up modelling assignments.

14) Currently working as a freelance artiste/model.

There you go, my job experiences!
I think I did not miss out any.

All these small/little jobs helped me to grow up,
they helped me to learn bits & pieces, here and there.
These valuable experiences can never be taught, they can only be experienced.
I am glad that I started working at a young age,
because of that, since young,
I knew how difficult it is to earn money (& how easy it is to spend them).
I come from an average income family or perhaps I would even say below-average.
This is something which I can't control & I can't blame anyone for that.
I knew how it is like to worry about the basic meals, bills and school fees.
So what I could do,
was to do whatever I can to earn my own allowance to reduce my parents' burden.

Share wimme your job experiences too? :)

  1. So you're not intending to pursuer an accounting career anytime soon? You get all your income through modelling?

  2. I have other plans in mind! :) btw im teaching tuition too.

  3. Omg Motorola night shift!!!!! I was there too, after O levels, but I was the one sticking the barcode and logo stickers! Was there with bunch of friends, which made the unbearable job bearable... Maybe we were colleagues!