f Four Hundred & Forty Five. -Photoshop


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Four Hundred & Forty Five. -Photoshop

April 30, 2012 /

Credits to: Vin 

In case you think it is heavily photoshop-ed lemme show you the before/after:
"skin matte finish, light softening + additional lights and sharpening on details."

Truth be told, I feel really offended when people naturally think that photos are photoshopped heavily,
just because the photos looked different from us, in our daily lives.

First of all, make-up does WONDERS.
This, we all know.
Secondly,  the lights & angle make a difference too.
Let me quote Vin, who allowed me to share this photo & his workflow 
to prove that not all photos are photoshop-based.

"Most of the time, that is the formula (makeup, light, angled shots) to make good photos."

Reason why I will feel offended, is because I think if you simply classify a photo as "photoshopped",
you immediately discredit the photographer, the make-up artist, the model, the lightsman.
You discredit our hardwork & effort for that few hours.
Le sigh.

I do not know how to use photoshop, 
but yes, being in this industry, I do know that photoshop is essential at most times, 
to help produce better photos,
but no, not all photos depend heavily on photoshop.
So please, assumption kills.

Anyways, really glad to work with Vin again.
This time, for a fashion + beauty shoot. 
Something which I have been looking forward to all these while :)
The last time we met was prolly 1.5-2 years ago.
When I still looked like THIS:
are you ready to be shocked?

HAHAHAH i have no idea what was wrong with me.
Outfit combination mega fail.

Yes, this is how much I have changed in two years. 
hahah okay dont judge.
I have more but im not gna share else you may just die from laughing.

Meanwhile, here are some of the behind-the-scenes photos
(*aka many self-shot photos)

with Vin the photographer, & Kate the awesome Makeup artist.

Kate transformed me from 
That is me, with no makeup on at all :)

to this
Amazing, huh?

Oooo, i had a first-time experience of airbrushing foundation onto my face.
I like the idea of it because:
1. No worry of dirty brush/sponge
(really dont appreciate how some muas use the SAME sponge/brush all the time,

without cleaning them at all.
Imagine the amount of bacteria after being used on X number of people.. D:)

Shine with Sheen :)
2. It made my face looked really flawless!

I hope more MUAs will adopt this :)

I ish can haz cool hair!

red lipstick, & I like it!


 black and white
same picture, different feel.

Stay tuned for more photos!
I looked through most of them on Vin's camera,
& I must say, y'all are gna be surprised by how different I looked,
from my daily self.
HEH. Looking forward to the pictures :)
  1. you still look fresh and pretty even from 2 yrs ago :) hair is just longer!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. awww.. thank you for being so nice!! :D