f Four Hundred & Twenty Two. -Sunday is family day :)


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Four Hundred & Twenty Two. -Sunday is family day :)

March 15, 2012 /

"The only people that you really have, that I learned, is your family.
Because they love you no matter what."
-- Miley Cyrus

Sunday is family day (unless I have work) :) 
So, we had our family outing last Sunday!
The last one we had was Sentosa. :)

We went to East Coast Park.

such random surprise made me an excited girl!

the weather seemed awesome

until the moment we reached.
It started raining!!! ZZZZZ.
took shelter at Macs for awhile.

In case you have no idea,
the official last day for ECP's Macs is 18th March.

while waiting for my mum, sis & bro-in-law who went to the washroom......
look at her frown!! 
I didnt teach her that, but she picked it up from me.
oh no now im guilty!

she didnt pose for this, I just snapped it! heheheh

went to the Jap restaurant nearby.
I wasnt feeling hungry, so I just ordered the chawanmushi!

my love entertaining me with a standard smile. ~.~

we switched to Plan B due to the rain,
& headed to Changi Airport Terminal 3!

It was their first visit to this place.
Sis, Mummee & tingting.
They have never taken the plane before...
& I really wish to travel with them soon.
I could sense how happy Mummee was when she finally stepped into Changi Airport :')
I think the last time she actually went to Changi Airport was
prolly in the 80s. serious..
I love seeing her being so happy during our family outings :)

my sweetie was trying to "guide" me?

love this photo!! :) :)

& somehow, we were all dressed in similar shades!
Orange, red, coral!

Family is the most important thing in the world.
-- Princess Diana

Im thinking of where to bring them to the next time!
Any suggestion(s)?!
  1. Marina Barrage! Kite flying! ur niece will love it!

  2. @Ct R Miena; thank you! :)
    @yirong; yes!! that's in my list too!!!!! but nowadays the weather is pretty bad :(
    @eamonpow; but my family members (& myself!) arent fans of the rides. hahah!

  3. when you have a good r.s with your family, everyday is family day <3