f Four Hundred & Twenty Four. -Sleep Paralysis.


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Four Hundred & Twenty Four. -Sleep Paralysis.

March 17, 2012 /

Have you ever experienced times when you were lying on bed,
but you couldnt move at all.
You tried shouting, but no voice came out?
You struggled to move your arms, but they felt like they were glued to the bed?
You tried to breathe, but your chest felt really heavy?

Then, we are the same.
We have experienced Sleep Paralysis before.
Well, in Chinese culture, it is commonly known as "鬼壓身".

Sleep paralysis can occur either when falling asleep,
or upon awakening.
The paralysis may last from several seconds, up to several minutes.
It can happen to anyone, of any age.

At times, sleep paralysis may be accompanied by terrible hallucinations.
Sometimes, the hallucinations feel so vivid,
and people will hear or see "things" that are not really there.
e.g black shadows, ghostly figures
Which is why, it is commonly known as "鬼壓身" (being pressed by "something").
Not just in the chinese culture, but even in the Korean, Turkish, U.S culture etc.

File:John Henry Fuseli - The Nightmare.JPG

Some factors linked to sleep paralysis:
-Sleeping on your back (uhm that's a common position isnt it?)
-Sudden changes in lifestyle/environment
-Sleep deprivation 

I experience sleep paralysis pretty often.
I would say, at least 10 times before.
I remember the very first few times when it happened,
I was so scared.
Especially at times when I felt like I couldnt breathe at all!
Because I was so used to hearing people say that it happens because you are being pressed down by "something".
So I will keep chanting my prayers (I believe in Goddess of Mercy by the way),
until I could finally move.
Eventually, I found out the scientific terms to this symptom.
& pretty much convinced myself that it happens because
"My body is tired, but my mind is awake"

Although it doesnt feels as scary nowadays,
but at that very moment when it happens, I will still be freaked out.
I experienced it just the day before yesterday.
I remembered I was trying really hard to move, to shout/scream,
but no voice came out.
& this time, I saw a head lying on my chest. 
Anyways, Beee was right beside me,
& he woke up because eventually my voice came,
& I made a "ahhhh" sound.
He got a scare, but because it wasnt the first time that it happened when I was with him,
so, I think he was used to it as well.

But okay anyways,
the bottomline is:
remember, there is a scientific term to it.
So stop scaring yourself,
& stop believing that those hallucinations are real!!

Tell yourself,
"It's no big deal, just.. sleep paralysis!"
signing off! :)
  1. I used to always get this, then I noticed a pattern about sleeping on your back!!! So I make sure I sleep sideways haha and it stopped ever since.

    The first time someone told me that it was supernatural related, I was so freaked out loh. I couldn't sleep at all. Plus mine was I felt really hot and heard many whispers... It was really scary );

    Luckily you had someone beside you!! I normally pray fervently in my head until it goes away !!

    1. Actually it still feels creepy when it happens! I will chant prayers til i can finally move. The recent one was scary cause i saw a vivid image of a head on my chest :O and this time i was slping sideways!!

  2. ahahaha yeah, body too tired. Most people think too much, I think I got once or twice but having a head on your chest when it happens really freaks any1 out LMAO