f Four Hundred & Twenty Five. - Hot Star Large Fried Chicken


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Four Hundred & Twenty Five. - Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

March 18, 2012 /

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Just came back from my staycation yesterday night,
& I have some time before heading out to give tuition,
so imma share with you something nice!!!

I was missing taiwan's food so so badly yesterday,
& was looking through my Taiwan Grad trip photos,
& randomly read one of my taiwan posts.
To my surprise, 
I spotted this 毫大大鸡排 (Hot Star Large Fried Chicken) at City Square Mall!!!!!!
I tried it in Taiwan before & it was DAMN SHIOK!!!!

literally LARGE fried chicken!

homygod. you bet I was so elated!
Beee & I were really full from our dinner last night (will blog about it too!!)
so we couldnt afford anymore stomach space for this.
Thought I will go back to City Square another day, just to try this.
But eventually, I bought it this afternoon, right after we checked out from the hotel.

By the way, the chicken is not cut into smaller pieces.
Dont even attempt to ask the person to cut it for you,
this is their style!

To be honest, I forgot the exact taste of the one I had in Taiwan,
I think it still pales slightly in comparison to the one in Taiwan,
but it definitely beats ALL the other brands that we currently have in Singapore.
The chicken was piping hot, 
the meat was really tender & moist and the coating was crispy.

The chilli powder was the bomb (I asked for extra!)
You can opt for the original if you prefer it without the spicyness. 
okay 'nuff said.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken 
City Square Mall Singapore
180 Kitchener Road,

  1. Yeah, they opened recently a few months ago!

    1. only one branch?? it's awesome!

    2. sadly yes.. only 1 branch! My sis bought it home, it still taste delicious!

    3. i took like 3 bites, & brought it home as well! it wasnt as crispy for sure, but the taste was still as nice :)

  2. woooow! I missed these Taiwan food! XD

    1. yes!! especially ah chung mee sua. they should bring it to spore!!

  3. That looks really big but nice with the crispy outer layer.

    1. it really is huge!!! & it's nice. try it :)