f Four Hundred & Six. -Sentosa with family!


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Four Hundred & Six. -Sentosa with family!

February 9, 2012 /

Last Sunday (5th Feb),
we had our family outing to Sentosa!
J, my childhood friend, joined us as well :)
Went there in the early evening.

I have never been to Sentosa with my family before!!
& Mummee has not stepped into Sentosa for more than 15 years.
Prolly even more than 20 years!
She couldnt recall when was the last time she went to Sentosa!

Our love :)
I really need to invest in a better camera soon!!! >:( 


While waiting for tram from Vivo!

J, my childhood friend :)
My "downstairs neighbour",
whom I knew since young!
we used to play hopscotch, block catching, ate 10cents seaweed together,
basically spent most of our childhood times together.
We even wrote letters to each other after I shifted house.
hahah those were the days!

headed to Palawan beach,
because we wanted to catch the sunset.

our cutieeeepiee

random shots -.-

Palawan Beach

cloudy >:(
so we didnt get to see a nicely painted orange sky.

I've seen nice sunset at Sentosa before!
yes I took this photo, with someone else's DSLR.

disappointed that we couldn't catch the sunset!

nevertheless, we found a spot,
set down,
had our Subway (which we dabao-ed from Vivo. HEHEHEH)

my niece was afraid of stepping on the sand!
she insisted to be carried instead, cause she was reeaaallly afraid

She insisted on being carried instead of walking on the beach.

I guess it's because it was a relatively new experience for her,
so she was still afraid & doubtful.

so they came back to the place we were sitting at,
& while we were enjoying our Subway sandwich,
(Mummee fed her porridge before we had our dinner)
she sat there quietly,
& observed the other kids who were playing on the beach!!

like seriously observing,
& prolly thinking,
"I still don't dare to... should I try?"

heheheh & she was pouting!
love this shot

After I was done with my sandwich,
I asked her,
"Tingting, Mama Ahyi (that's how she addresses me ;D) bring you go down walkwalk okay?"
(spoke in mandarin though)
& she nodded her head!

& so, I held her hand,
& walked with her,
with me squatting down.
so I was practically doing a duck-walk.
Mummee laughed at me.
why did I do so? of course I had my reason. :)
I wanted to be at a same level as her,
to give her more security & comfort,
so that she would be more willing to give it a try.
while walking, I just kept encouraging her,
& told her that there is no need to be afraid,
just walk slowly, blahblah.
& so.....

The way she walked, I could see she was afraid that her feet will sink into the sand.
like just.. very fresh experience for her :)
we have brought her to ECP before,
but she has never tried walking barefooted,
on the "finer" sand (somehow, ECP's sand is different)

thumbs up for my sunshine!!!
so proud of her :)

our precious!

left the beach, & headed the "Southern most point of continental asia"

it was drizzling, so we opened the huge umbrella for our princess,
& see what she did.....
die-die wanted to carry it herself!!
it was seriously too huge for her.
cute though ;D

I really need a new digital camera soon.
Any suggestions? Not too expensive pls.
IT Show is coming in March...........!

my dearest Mummee <3

she paid $1 to check out this binoculars,
which was pretty...... lame.
we had a good laugh at it though.

mirror image ;)

went to check out Resorts World Sentosa next!

so i was saying.....
My camera really cmi la >:(
had to brighten + sharpen the images with the help of photoscape!


Went to check out the Malaysian Food Street.
interesting concept!
wna try the food there next time :)

take from outside, also can. hahah

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