f Three Hundred & Ninety One.


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Three Hundred & Ninety One.

January 11, 2012 / , ,

1. Last Thursday (5th Jan)

Finally met up with my JC mates.
The classmates whom I was closest with in the short two years :)
We headed to Teo Heng @ Sembawang Shopping Centre.
So glad that they have one branch in the North!!
No needa travel all the way to Katong or NTU Alumni Club ;D

Idol Ong, that was what I addressed her as. 
Why so?
I've mentioned it before!

back in 2008. HAHAHH!!

okay, noticeably, 
her face slimmed down so much!
(& my eyes grew bigger too. HEH)

more JC photos in the link given,
you can read it to have a good laugh ;D

with Gim.
we addressed him as Da-Ge (Big Bro)
he is super zai in vball!

& with Kiang. 

Coincidentally, all three of them wore green!!!!!

I was the odd one out, in beige & orange.

Anyways, I actually asked someone to take this shot for us,
in Daiso.
This is the kinda stupid things that I'll do.
No image at all. :O

Headed to Div Comm to collect for pay,
& then CHIONG-ed home for dinner!

After dinner, I had one of those thoughts of snapping my hair off again.
So I.....

hahah toot toot max!!!!

Nah, I didnt chop it off for real. 
just did a lil' trick. :)
Need courage to chop it off.
Cant really do so else I'll prolly lose my rice bowl.
Plus I guess I'll regret.

The last time I did the trick was:

so ya, my long hair is still wimme.

2. 6th Jan

Met Min & A for some awesome lunch!

That's the place with the superb popiah, laksa & dessert 
that I always rave about ;D

Address: Blk 928 Yishun Central 1 #01-55

ice kachang cocktail there really rocks.
love the smooth ice!

love lunch dates like this :)

oh my naughty lil' sunshine!


3. 7th Jan

Filming for the short film that I was involved in back in Dec.
will blog about it another day!

Was filming at TP & Bedok Reservoir.

Had omelette from GreenDot at the Design School canteen.
my second time having it
& I really love it!

some of my crew members ordered their lunch from GreenDot as well.
And I heard from them that they like the food from this stall!

Basically, GreenDot provides Asian Vegetarian Cuisine,
repackaged into a green fast-food style.
Ideal for the health conscious 
& peeps who would like to make a positive impact on the environment & society. :)
You can find them on Facebook here!

pretty sky view at Bedok Reservoir.

cant believe there are so many death cases here :/

the crew!

just gotta keep focusing on the path,
on the destination that I want to head to.

At evening,
I became a cowgirl.

worked for JVC D&D event

with the Hawaiian ladies!

4. 8th Jan

Headed to the market early in the morning with Mummee dearest. :)

This was my M&M, 20 years ago.

Family did spring cleaning that afternoon!

Found this camera, 
which I won from teens Model Search 2nd runner-up award.

Canon Ixus 100 IS for sale at $120,

Happiness at 12am:
Lao Ban Tau Huay!!

5. 9th Jan

Filming at TP again. 

Found this healthy snack in my bag.
Think sis got it from buying i-weekly sometime back.

hahahah kept it in my bag all along.

filming was disrupted due to the rain!
what a gloomy, yet calming afternoon.


ooooh, i love this rainbow corridor at TP!

Korean sweet bought from Shine Supermarket.
Sour cola.
cheap & nice!

bought this sometime back,
a "skittles" lookalike.
70 cents only!!

im so gna head to Shine Supermarket soon
to stock up these sweets!!

filming = lots of waiting.

ending off with this awesome photo that I took with the crew.

Our version of "You are the apple of my eye"

hahahah. loves it!!

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