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Three Hundred & Seventy Eight.

December 9, 2011 / ,

It has been really packed & busy for me for the past 3 weeks,
& prolly all the way til end of next week as well.
I am tired, but Im not complaining.
Feeling glad & satisfied this way!
The only thing that Im sad about is that I dont get to spend much time with Mummee & my niece.
Giving myself a break only on this coming Sunday, 11th Dec :)
Really looking fwd to dinner with my family & Beee.

Anyways, I did a shoot with Six & Twelve at USS recently.
my first visit to USS ^^
first outdoor shoot for blogshop as well.

with the ladies :)
(& the stroller)
 with Jing :)
finally met her in person.
have been seeing her in a few blogshops.
she's really nice & friendly!

Side Ruffles Racerback Top (Forest Green & Navy)

with Zoe (& Kungfu Panda)!
I really like how well-prepared she is,
with all the hair accessories brought.
respectable :)


Shoulder Gather Button Up Top  (in Pink & Navy Blue)

Last but not least,

Contrast Trimming Chiffon Blouse (Nude)

P.S the one is Red is already sold out,
& the collection was launched just couple of hrs ago!

Fav shot,
& also favourite top for this collection!

Hop on to Six & Twelve now,
& shop for your fav!


On a heavier note,
I saw this on Tumblr
& really wish to share it here as well:

"Surround yourself with people who make you happy. 
People who make you laugh, who help you when you're in need. 
People who would never take advantage of you. 
People who genuinely care. 
They are the ones worth keeping in your life. 
Everyone else is just passing through."

What a splendid self-reminder. 

We always meet new people from all walks of life,
& each of them plays a different role in our lives.
Some came, & went shortly;
some stayed for a lil' longer,
& left soon after they found new people in their lives;
some came, & stayed only for benefits that they could gain;
some came, & pretended like they would stay forever;
& finally, some came, & never left.

Well, the ones who pretended to stay or stayed for benefits,
I've learnt how to filter them.
It's actually pretty easy to see thru' them. ;)
The ones who left,
have truly taught me how to cherish the ones who genuinely care,
in particular, the ones who came & never left.

The ones who came & never left,
they have never failed to pull me up whenever I fall into the deep black hole of uncertainty.
I can never thank them enough for the never-ending assurance they have given me,
no matter how I may seem to be ranting about the same few concerns over & over again.
They make me happy, with all the nonsensical conversations.
Their support to my decisions,
gives me the courage & motivation.

I love reading Tumblr late at night.
Yes, I love reading meaningful quotes & phrases,

Late nights are the best for self-reflections,
& also, for emo-ing (not healthy to be done too often though!).
I love sharing them as well.
judge me as you wish :)

3+ hrs of slp left..
SLEEP! @.@

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