f Three Hundred & Eighty Five. -A glance of 2011


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Three Hundred & Eighty Five. -A glance of 2011

December 31, 2011 /

First of all,

I have decided on the winners for the mini Xmas getaway!

Jenny & YeePee,
please email me at shinekoh@live.com with your mailing address,
& your preferred choice!
(WaterDrop Sun Cream or Ice Herb Whitening Water Drop)
First come first serve okie! :)
To the other 3 who left a comment, 
thank you so much :)

So, #lastdayof2011 is finally here.
2011 is a pretty awesome year for me.
What about you??

I know many people have the habit to pen down their thoughts/reflections 
for the year during the last day of the year,
& make new year resolutions.
I stopped making New Year Resolutions since 2010.
2009 was the last time I made mine.

So I did a search on my blog,
& found the entries on the last day of 2009 2010.
nothing significant, but they did bring back certain memories.
good or bad, it's all in the past. :)

As for 2011,
imma go through the blog entries now to refresh my mind!

Jovial January:

-CNY baking (reminds me that I need to start baking for this year's CNY soon!)

first attempt at pineapple tarts.


- Paranoia over the last semester in Uni

So I started 2011 rather happily,
still in my honeymoon period with Beee.
Additionally, I was just so determined to focus on my last semester of uni life.

Fabulous February:

this entry is so precious.

-CNY Vday Celebrations

So Feb was quite Fab(ulous) with the joyous celebrations.
But CNY just wasnt complete, when someone was missing..

Melancholy March:

-& more emotional struggle. Inferiority taking over.

-meeting 小蔓老师 & 小凯老师 from 女人我最大.

-crazily packed with projects & assignments

So March was an emotional month.
missed my dad so so much,
stressed from school,
emotional self-beating,
lots of overthinking.

Astonishing April:

-still packed with projects & assignments, had my final presentation of uni life.

-Attended Teens Model Search 2011 as the alumni

this random entry,
which was retweeted by @fakeMOE & @cchockolate,
led my blog hits to a record high then.
Was seriously shocked by the number.

So April was a fruitful month,
because I completed most of my projects, presentations,
& of course, because of the Subway TVC. :)

Memorable May:

pardon me if I seem to mention too much about my mum,
I love her too much & I am very expressive in terms of this.
Not just on social media,
but to her as well.
I still hug & kiss her everyday.
Just wish to constantly remind everyone to spend more time with your parents,
& cherish & treasure them as much as you can.

-end of Uni exam, end of Uni life.
(I only had one exam paper for my last sem!)

-My first flight ever. My grad trip to Taiwan.
It was a cheaper alternative to Europe/USA/Japan/Korea.

So May was a relieved month, 
after completing my last uni exam paper.
An exciting month as well,
because I finally got to take my first flight!

Joyful June:

-back from my awesome Taiwan trip


After my return from Taiwan & Redang
I remember looking through all the photos with Mummee
& happily sharing with her about the various places that I went.
& then I kept reminding myself,
that I really want to bring her overseas soon.
She has never taken the plane before..

Heavy-hearted July:

When I saw how Grandma cried,
my heart ached really badly..
they were married for more than half a decade..

-Within one week, received news of the sudden death of bro-in-law's mum in Msia..
hence, we had our lil' princess staying with us permanently.
I was at the World Netball Championship opening.
received a call from sis before the match even started..

-Had my Graduation Convocation on 31st July

So July was a sad month.
What an emotional twist after a joyous June.
July reminded me how fragile life really is..
too often, we dont realize this,
until it happens to someone around us,
then we start reminding ourselves & all.

Adventurous August:

-Blogged about my life as a student

-Emotional thoughts about my parents, after reading a really meaningful article.

-Started working as part-time production coordinator

So August felt like a fresh start all over again,
after attending my graduation convocation.
It was another step into the next phase of my life. 
Cried quite a lot during this month though,
all because of missing someone again..

Spry Sept:

-supposed to go to Indonesia for a business trip,
but stayed in Spore instead, due to personal reasons.
glad to be home for Mid Autumn Festival :)

-craze over Lao Ban Tau Huey

-Reflection on my hair transition in 1 year

-Beee's bday.

So September was a month of celebrations.
& the month when I realized I was left with less than 4 months
before 2011 comes to an end.
too fast.

Owesome Oct:

so so glad that I went for it. because it turned out to be their last,
as they announced that they are splitting soon after the whole tour ended!

It was also my very first time attending a concert!

-Meeting Dr Tan Cheng Bock while at work for an event

-Doodling this at 5am

A pic of Mummee & I in our room :)

-Switching to Iphone from my Blackberry
& falling in love with the photo apps ;D

-Halloween Fright Fest @ Flyer with special friend!

-Dairy Farm visit with family!

first time as well :)

-Spooktacular at Sentosa

So October was yet another fulfilling month for me :)
love the quality time with family,
too precious!

Nostalgic November:

-meaningful chinese article on Happiness

- quite a number of events 

-got my FRANK debit card by OCBC, thanks to special friend's invite :)

So November was a busy month.
Tired, but glad.
Because of the couple of events.
& the realization that 2012 is less than 2 months away!!

December, the month of joy:

-Filming for short film


First visit to USS! with Six & Twelve.

no longer working as the part-time production coordinator,
due to some issues which I shant mention, 
so as to protect the image of someone..


So there you go!
2011 is indeed a pretty awesome & another fruitful year for me.
Marked an end to 17 years of education;

several joyous occasions this year;
cried over the same person umpteen times;
realizing that things change,
& things can never go back to the same anymore
no matter how much we want it to;
realizing that some people are only meant to stay in our hearts,
but not in our lives anymore;
realizing that it's important to appreciate others for what they do for us,
because I hate being taken for granted as well,
because I do wish to be appreciated as well;
realizing how some friends are here for us all the time;
& how I really want to keep these friendships going for many more years.
took a wrong route but now,
I have
 a clearer vision of the route to take towards what I hope to achieve.

The ones who stood by me,
& gave me constant encouragements, motivations & support,

thank you so so much.
I would not have been able to remain so strong if not for all of you.
All your words & physical presence meant so much to me.

The ones who were nasty to me, 
or disappointed me at some point of time,
thank you.
You taught me how to cherish the many other nice people around me.

The ones who have helped me throughout my journey,
thank you.
|I really appreciate your help, I will never forget all the help that I received.

2012 is a hopeful year for me.
It's gna be make, or break.
Giving myself one year to do what I want to do. :)
Just one resolution for 2012:
To never give up no matter how tough it may seem. :)

have a FABULOUS #lastdayof2011
& a FANTASTIC 2012!!

P.S realized some of the pictures from some of the older entries cant be loaded/are missing.
no idea why, but apologies anyways!

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