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Three Hundred & Sixty Four.

November 6, 2011 / ,

is officially here.
Nostalgic November,
as what I would name it.

Flea market @ *scape

just held a booth at *scape yesterday;
thanks to A,
who got the booth from one of her blogshop owners who couldnt go for it last minute.
heh. in other words,
we didnt hafta pay for the booth! 

tried Artease for the second time.
once again proven,
that its gooood.

Cleared my wardrobe 2 days before the flea,
to filter out the items which i wanted to sell.
this, is our style.
dig for the treasure(s)!!

pretty & young lady :D

the noob us agreed to meet at 1230pm,
happily thinking that we would be early & would be
able to get a good 'location',
since the flea was supposed to start at 2pm.
when I reached at 1235,
70% of the stalls were set up already. ._.
talk about kiasu-ism........

M reserved a top from me via twitter/whatsapp.
damn steady!
she's my JC nball teammate,
& i think the last time we met was....
3 yrs ago? hahah i dont know.

Dearest min & les dropped by to visit me tooooo.
:) :)
crapped quite a bit with them,
i loike. 

my bestfatfwen!!!!!!
she just ended the last exam of her uni life,
& she dropped by to visit with her mama.
The one who will kick me in the backside whenever I wish to give up, to make sure that I keep moving forward, aka my bestie. :')

"short-lived pressure vs long-term regrets";
"seek not the millions of reasons for you to diverge, but you need just that one good reason to keep you going."
her words, always manage to give me a slight push forward. :)

C dropped by, before her movie.

another red! 
my uni mate & group mate in one of the sems, L.
we are now on the same boat,
embarking on a journey (albeit not the same) that is deemed
"different" from the "ordinary/usuals"
Have faith :)

we sold our items super cheap.
at like $5 or $10.
& then, 3 for $10 eventually.
& then at the very last 45 minutes,
we sold them at... $2!!!
good thing was that we managed to sell most of our items.
didnt have to drag one big bag of clothes home.

by the way, the crowd at *scape's flea was pretty good.
i think if anyone wants to get a booth, 
you can consider *scape.
think the rent is $50 or $55 per table. ;)

proud of myself,
for resisting the temptation to shop around at other stalls
because i didnt want to spend money!
after we closed our booth,
we took a quick tour,
I bought 2 items eventually.
heh. but they were good steals!

Envelope clutch & owl ring!
Supposed to be $12 for the former & $3 for the latter,
but I managed to get these 2 for $12 altogether. ~.~

Teo Heng with uni mates

rushed down to teo heng @ NTU Alumni Club,
to join my uni friends for some singing session :)

my uni khakis :) 
 the pro singers! 

the very compatible couple :)

btw, teoheng is really cheap.
$18 per hour for a large room,
we booked for 3 hours.
& there were 9 of us.
so....... $6 per person for 3 hours!
like a shioook.

random peektures

my favourite snacks.
grabs from ntuc!

>:{ in real life.

first shoot with jipaban.
looking really mature.......
met a new friend, YR.
she's really fun-loving & i believe that we can click well
with more shoots to come! :)

froyo is ze best!

attempted to act yi ge demure....

then, totally demure no more! 

my sweetie with her papa.
so sticky to her dad!

she's back in msia over this long weekend,
to visit her uncles & grandpa.
here is my sunshine with a lil' brinjal, 
taken at a farm back in the kampong areas!
koped this photo from sis's fb.

just came back from Bugis with Mummee.
Went to 观音庙 (temple) to 拜拜 (pray).
roasted chestnuts! 
im sure many ppl love it tooooo.

Took bus back,
& while mummee was asleep in the bus,
I held her hand.
I love holding her hand,
& I really wish to hold her hand forever..
it aches me to see her working so hard.
she's my perfect mum.


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