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Three Hundred & Sixty One.

October 25, 2011 /


I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.
-John Burroughs


Headed to Kranji Farm with family, sis's godbro & Kat's family last Sunday morning :)
I remember dragging myself outta bed reluctantly,
because I was sleep deprived the whole week
(but then again, when was I ever sleep-sufficient?
serves myself right for being a night owl all the time!)

I was sitting at the back of the lorry,
& as we were about to reach the farm,
 we were welcomed with the floating stench of natural fertilisers....
aka smell of dung. 
interesting experience yo!

my two loves :)

First stop: Bollywood Veggies
$2 entrance fee,

& honestly....
not as interesting as I expected.
Maybe October is the month where the plants/trees
do not bear fruits/flowers?
there were more withered plants then blooming ones.. :(
Felt sad, because I expected to see more..

that's my lil' sunshine

Kat's daughter, A.
extremely adorable.

there were still some beautiful sights.
Nature has a magical way of making me feel calm,
& at the same time, 
filled with admiration by its beauty..


daddy's girl ^^
my loveee

Mummee wanted to buy fresh veggies,
apparently they dont have it..
so we asked around to find one farm which sells veggies.
As you can see,
there are many many small farms,
including fish farms,
veggie farms,
goat farm.

went into one farm (dont remember the name)
& asked if they sell veggies,
the uncle replied,
very friendly ._.

Next stop:
Tropical Aeroponics,
the first commercial farm to adapt aeroponics technology to grow vegetables in Singapore.

longer than Kaitlyn!

there is a small section there which sells freshly packed veggies
at 1 for $2 & 3 for $5.
salad veggies & tomatoes mainly.
big packs of salad veggie,
which is priced at prolly 6-7bucks in Cold Storage for that amount.
Kat was satisfied with the good deal!

Kin Yan Agrotech


mushrooms, my fav!

Kat was worried that the fungus/bacteria will affect 
the two lil' kids somehow,
& thus we left the room soon.

my cute cute mummee ;D

Hay Dairies next.
It's a goat farm.
the smell.. was not very bearable for us,
because we are not used to it.
Mummee & sis were frantically rubbing medicated oil under the nose.

They turned back halfway while I happily went to explore & took a closer look at the goats.
& attempted to hold my breath as much as possible....

I didnt feel happy to see the goats at all.
Felt sad,
like really sad to see them all caged & confined into a small area,
with not much space to move around at all.. 

it was a nature visit
& I expected myself feel light-hearted & appreciative of the beautiful surroundings,
but I ended up with a heavy heart at this stop.
oh well, the irony.

bro-in-law bought one bottle of goat milk,
chocolate flavoured.
I gave it a try..
i would say,
it's not my cup of milk.
dislike the taste :/
anyone a fan of goat milk?


we managed to find the place which sells veggies,
organic ones.
it was way much further away.
Quan Fa Organic Farm.

left the place,
& headed to Boon Lay Hawker Centre for late lunch @ around 4pm.
It always feels good to go for family outings.

had an impromptu shoot recently,
& I think it's related to nature theme,
with the leaves on my head......
so I'll include them in this post as well ;D

Photographer: Mike S

the difference in photos due to photoshop.
Mike edited the photo.
         Before                                                                                       After

abrupt ending,

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