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Three Hundred & Fifty Nine.

October 18, 2011 /

I've recently switched to my sis's abandoned Iphone 3G (or is it 3gs? *shrugs*)
because I need it to check a few emails (personal + work)
& I also need the simplenoteapp for work.
Well, I'm not here to debate whether Blackberry or Apple is better.
I do miss my BB a lot,
I miss my BBM chat khakis,
I love my BB keypad too,
but I gta admit I love iphone's apps,
especially the photography ones!

This explains the nice colour effects of my recent photos.

PLOG time!

Nihon Mura

I love eating chawanmushi & salmon sashimi!
salmon sashimi is so........ o_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
okay skip that word ;p

this mussel mentai is quite nice too ;)

bought this from Shine Korea Supermarket.
yaye my supermarket.
so honoured.
anyway, i like this snack.
will buy it again if i pass by the supermarket by any chance.

 Gave Mummee a treat to Freshness Burger & Gelare last Tuesday.

see my adorable love!!


my happiness, is them. :)

melted cheese on toasted wholemeal bread for supper,
for Beee & myself. ;D

Attended my coach's baby's shower.

Cant believe that she is a mum now!
a pretty mum.
Zayden is such a handsome baby.
I think he will definitely grow up to be as handsome as coach's husband, K.

Headed to ECP with family on Sunday!
The last time we went was in Jan this year.

Quality family time, precious. :)

my love for life :)

They say, dog is man's best friend.

tried this water ski in Batam before!

 happy Kaitlyn = happy us :)

love this photo.

ive taught her to "跑跑" (run) few weeks back,
& she loves it!

when was the last time you went to the beach with your family?
or when was the last time you sat down to have a good meal with them?
no matter how busy you may be,
please take time off your schedule and spend some quality time with them.
I know I am very naggy & forever nagging about this,
but really,
quality time with family,
is very important..

for dinner that day,
we had homemade wantons!
blessed kids, we are. :')

my currypok wanton. ^^

ending off with a retarded me,
as always.

  1. what's the iphone app that you use to create the 2x2 photos? :)