f Three Hundred & Forty Two. -- Bidding goodbye to student life; (Part I)


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Three Hundred & Forty Two. -- Bidding goodbye to student life; (Part I)

August 2, 2011 /

On 30th July 2011,
I attended my Graduation Convocation.

Officially a graduate from NTU,
Nanyang Business School (Bachelor of Accountancy).

Since I am still waiting for more photos to be uploaded by friends,
I will be blogging about something else in this entry.

"Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."

Have a guess what I'll be blogging about?!

muahahah. Spot me!!
or rather, spot my ears!
Yea, I was in Chinese Dance from P2-P4,
before I hopped on to Netball,
after falling in love with it instantly right after being introduced to the game.

So anyway, yes, I'll be blogging about my life journey as a student!

I don't remember having any photos of me in my PAP uniform.
The only photos I have during my kindergarten days are probably these:

Had drawing lessions when I was appx 4-6yrs old.
I loved to draw a lot, when I was a kid.
Had to stop the art lessons eventually..
& sadly,  this drawing passion did not continue wimme..
Sometimes, I really wished I could excel in music/art,
instead of just doing sports. 
Oh well anyway, had to throw away these drawings
when I shifted house.
which were so valuable to me..
so I snapped photos of most of them,
cause I really didnt bear to part with them..

Primary School

Fuchun Primary School
(1996 - 2001).

The days when we played "Ice & Water",
ate $0.50 noodles,
cheered "XXX & YYY sitting under a tree, kissing~",
wrote autograph books with things like:
Gold Friends, Silver Friends, Bronze Friends, Favourite Colour, etc.
Yea I lived in that era.
I wonder what kids nowadays do during recess time?
Play with handphone, PSP, etc??
Now, spot me!


how? managed to?!
if you did, I think you're a pro!
I am not even in that photo. ~.~

now spot me!
hahah. yes the one at left bottom corner.
at our music camp.

Okay, this is me.
With my super toot specs,
& with my pri sch besties.

I was really petite back then.
I remembered during those health checks,
I always get called up for height & weight check.
I was even made to drink milk daily in school when I was in p2 i think.
But I loved the milk anw ~.~
Was only like 138cm when I was P6!
Then I started growing at an avg of 6cm each year in sec school ;D
& finally 167-168 now.
result of late puberty!

LH, my primary school bestie.
Was a "Prefect" since P2 or P3 til P6.

The photo frames she made for me back in pri sch,
& I still keep them in my drawer!

Oh & the trend of writing letter/greeting cards
from various friends over the years,
I still keep them!
Social media has took over so many traditional things.. 
Dont know to be thankful or to feel sad about it.

The boys!

Class photo, P6E.

My primary school mates are very steady bunch of peeps.
Approximately 3 yrs ago,
we started have gathering(s) yearly.
Look how we've all changed!

These photos were taken 2 yrs ago.

YT, who was already a beautiful girl since pri school!

my fellow Hui Shan, aka swimming khaki back in primary school days.

  SQ, we used to perform (sing &dance) kids songs like 雪人不见了 at music lessons tgt. 

& of course, Buddy Ong.
People always tease about us back in primary school.
Now, he reads me very well,
even though we were not in much contact during sec sch days..
He knows me so well that it gets scary!
hahah kidding.
he's someone whom I'll very much wish to treasure
& a friend to keep for life!

any interested parties??!

Now.. let's move on to secondary school!

Secondary School

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School (2002-2005)

When we stayed back after school for netball trainings,
or just to play basketball/volleyball,
& resulted in climbing gates to leave the school.
when we ate 30 cents curry puffs & 20 cents ice bags.

this is C.
My dearest friend, who is now in another world.
I've dreamed of her thrice before,
& in the dreams,
she's always the same silly & blur her.
& for all 3 times,
I woke up feeling really happy, 
because she appeared in my dream.

I really miss her, so so much..

Secondary school is also when..
neoprints were the "IN" thing.

I have a TRUCKLOADS of them!

Now that I think back..
all those $ spent on neoprints,
amounted to quite a lot huh!

but aiya, precious memories. :)


with MJ la! we are both straight.
but just being the playful us. 

secondary school..
was also the time when I had spike hair.
With Lun.
now I really looked like I am into girls.

Class photos!

More 年轻时候的照片!

I was very skinny in sec sch days!
Wna go back to that leh..............
hahahah okay maybe not THAT skinny,
but yea get my drift. ;D

I had this nice orange framed specs!

When we celebrated Racial Harmony Day,

with LY,
this funloving friend of mine.
I really like her a lot :)

my tile!

Secondary 4,
last day of school!

Can you find me? ;D

look at TYC, the one with eyes closed!!
a guy friend whom i treasure a lot too.

classmates :)
P, SI, LY! :) :)

we sure did lotsa crazy things back then.

The gang who always stay back in school to
shout "NEXT TEAM"!
(aka play bball!)

P & SI!

The guys have changed A LOT now. ;)

SI & Syl

I think I shall stop here,
& continue with the JC & Uni photos in the next post! ;D

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