f Three Hundred & Forty Three. -- Bidding goodbye to student life; (Part II)


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Three Hundred & Forty Three. -- Bidding goodbye to student life; (Part II)

August 5, 2011 /

& now, JC & Uni life!

Anderson Junior College

For my batch, 
we still had the "first 3 months" thingy,
where we entered a JC using our prelims results,
while waiting for O Levels results to be released.
So yea, I went to AJC as well for the first 3 months.
Together with Ting & Lun!
My khakis since sec sch ;)

If you noticed, 
I have been having short hair throughout my student life,
ever since P4!

This is my first time keeping long hair!
After my daring haircut for a photoshoot:

Back in sep 2009.
have been trying to keep my hair long ever since!

okay I sidetracked too much. 
back to topic! 

& these were my classmates for the first 3 months!

Remained in AJC after the first 3 months.
Thankful that my O Level results allowed me to stay :)

dont hafta put a star to show which one is me already rightttt.
should be able to recognise by now!

Class photos in yearbooks!

Year 1
Everyone looked so stern lor!
you see the guys at the first row.

Year 2!

okay this super tak glam shot appeared in the yearbook as well.

 more photos!

with Kelsey.
I used to call her Idol Ong.

why do I address her as that? 
on the very first day of school,
when we were still strangers,
she sat right beside me during physics lesson,
placed a book on the table,
& used her handphone right under the book,
& sms-ed very professionally,
w/o looking at the keypad & pretending to listen in class.
was impressed by it somehow.
from then on, I called her my "idol".

 she was my closest friend in my class :)

with LY & Felicia.
Besides my netball mates,
I hung around with them pretty often.

The Reading Room was our favourite hangout place after school!
hahahha. serious.
we mugged really hard for our A levels.

but this photo,
I think is act yi ge only la. 

We did community work as well!

damn 欠扁!

& as I mentioned before,
majority of my school life revolved around netball,
most of my JC times were spent with my netball mates as well.

first 3 months!
In fact,
we started training before entering the school for first 3 months.

 uhm, this is Ting,
my bestfatfwen. 
we are lame just like that. 


super tanned!!

more retarded photos!

My A Levels results turned out to be rather good.
I knew I studied really hard for it,
& I deserved it.
But still, I really did not expect to get such grades,
& tears of joy just flowed out once I saw my results..
I was shocked & really overjoyed at that moment.
 Then, after the release of A levels results,
I had to make a decision.
An important decision..

I decided on NTU - Nanyang Business School,
course of Accountancy.

Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Business School- Bachelor of Accoutancy

 I'll save my grandmother story on why I chose this course for my last post,
together with my convocation pictures!
Still waiting for them to be uploaded :)

this photo (taken in 2008) is redundant but I just wna include it
because I found it in my hard-disk ;D

Year 1 Sem 1

Decided to take a break from Netball,
& thus, I joined Welfare Service Club (Voluntary Work),
under two projects: Youth & CURL(Challenge UR Limits)

During orientation.

okay I think I was quite anti-social during the first orientation.
I didnt attend any university camps at all,
( not even sports camp, or NBS camp)
so I knew none of them.
All the camps were of so many days,
5-7 days.
& I really didnt want to stay away from home for so long..
Super homesick girl back then you know!

 Honestly not a fan of such ice-breaking & silly games ;O
I said I had something on & left halfway..

Stayed in WSC in year 1 & 2,
but I wasnt an active member in the club at all,
due to other commitments such as shoots, tuition & competitions.
Felt really bad & wished I could have contributed more..

anyway, this was during orientation in year 1.

I became really skinny during the later part of JC year 2 & Uni year 1 days.
So unhealthily skinny that people thought I was anorexic!
After A Div' ended,
I stopped training in school
& stopped going for my club training as well,
focused fully on mugging.
Thus, I lost a lot of muscle mass.
Really didnt like how unhealthy I looked.

I kinda like those skinny yet toned legs though.

during one "garung guni" session.
went around to collect newspapers/magazines!

By the way,
I have quite a lot of photos taken with uni peeps,
because I think that's when most people
started having their own digital cameras!
Back in secondary school,
it was still the era of  "printing photos".
"Upload on FB & tag lorrrrrr"
With the convenience,
& with more photos saved as memories,
I can describe my university life with more events/details.

So anyway,
as mentioned,
because I did not attend any camps at all,
I was kinda worried that everyone will already be in their cliques.
Thankfully, I met a group of really fun-loving tutorial mates in Year 1,
& majority of us did not attend the camps as well!

 First presentation in uni, AB114.
all of us looked so noob. hahahah!

Boring IT lesson ;O
my dearest Mr Bean plushie ;D

AB102 Financial Management class!

Jeong & Jojo,
my best buddies in uni.
So thankful to have them. :)
They are both really smart yet very helpful.
Really glad to have the two of them in my uni life!

Another presentation in the very first semester,
Communication Fundamentals.

Jeong drew Jojo in.
had a real good laugh back then!

outing to sentosa!

definitely not easy to get everyone jump at the same time!

the guys were really good at it

Don did this.
By the way, he is really talented & creative.
Superb at drawings!!

Year 1 Sem 2

I don't stay in hall, but I played for Hall 7's netball,
& ran for some pre-heats track event I think.
Guess they were really short of people,
otherwise, they wouldnt have asked me to run,
because my speed wasnt even up to standard
after not trng for so long!

Was happy to play for Inter-Hall Games
because I was able to play with Mari, SQ, SR, ZY
& the other girls who were nice :)

Hall 7 got the champs!

One fine day,
we decided to head to Pulau Ubin,
FYI, even til now, I've not been there before ;O
However, it started pouring while we were on our way to Changi Village!
So we ended up having the famous nasi lemak,
then headed to Daniel's place for MJ!


 Then, at night,
we did something pretty insane.
Walked all the way from Maxwell Food Centre,
to Singapore Flyer for our $10 student priced ride.

we were this retarded.

Birthday celebration :)

This was also the semester which I had to deal with
probably one of the worst moments ever.
yea, an unexpected end to a r/s.
The period which I totally lost myself.
& yes, it affected my results so damn badly..

Anyway, that pretty summed up Year 1!

Year 2

I think my transition in looks from Year 1 to Year 2 was quite significant.
Probably because:

1. I took part in MSI'09

From a tanned & sports young girl, to..

Such a drastic change right!
No photoshop done!
Dont even have that software.
Aiya, make-up does wonders. ;)
(The hair were clip-ons, I didn't grow such long hair overnight)

2. Did a photoshoot for NK Hairworks.
(that explains the drastic change in my hair colour/style)



& then..

It was really not easy to be in school/public with this red hair.
People just keep staring.

Jeong & I paired up for a project on
"Negotiation to WIN".
We did a video..........

& we looked like this in the video:

I was the "husband" & she was the "wife".
you can view the video here.
I couldnt find it in my hard-disk anymore,
hence Im unable to embed it in this entry!

Presentation day for this project.

We were discussing about our IT project..
or so I thought.. ;p

Went for my first-ever blood donation as well! ;D

headed to Batam for cable ski!

Year 2 Sem 2

Played for Hall 7 IHG netball again,
Played for InterSchoolGames(ISG) netball as well.
Both Hall 7 & NBS came in first!

This was also the semester when I was busy with teens Model Search competition,
& events thereafter.
Busy school semester as well!

we did head to Timbre one night to chillax.

Reny is the next person whom I was closer with,
besides Jeong & Jo.
I love how fun-loving she is :)

QN & Sharon!

dno why the constipated face ;O

the couples! :)

the ones who would do silly faces wimme!

Year 3 Sem 1

Did my internship before school started.
My khakis Jeong & Jojo both went overseas for exchange that semester! :(
we met up before they flewwwwww.

Year 3 Sem 2

Last semester in uni!!
Played for ISG Netball again, 
but not IHG anymore.
Was honestly disgusted and quite shocked by how nasty & selfish some people were..

 My khakis came back from their exchange! ;D
Really glad that they were back.

On the last day of school,
I had a "shoot" with the same group of tutorial mates
whom I've known since Year 1.
They are awesome, just like that. :)

Don looks like The Professor!

Tutorial Group 4 in year 1

Retarded ;D

love them :)


This marks the end of my school life.
I wouldnt say it was a smooth journey.
Definitely not smooth-sailing at all.
All the stress that I put myself through,
the tears that I've dropped,
the exhaustion I faced from managing work & studies & personal issues all at the same time,
the emotional struggles I had..

I would say, Uni life was the toughest.
It's like mugging for A levels every semester,
cramping 12 topics PER MODULE
(4-5 modules per semester)
 into the brain was a challenge.

On top of that, 
I had to work to earn some income &
also had to deal with a couple of personal issues during this period.
It was quite a struggle,
mentally & physically.

Probably would not have made it this far 
if not for all the encouragements & motivations from my loved ones,
the help from my uni khakis, 
& the support from Mummee dearest.
I'm really blessed to have them,
& extremely grateful. :)

It was also in Uni,
that I realized, this time,
hard work does not guarantee good results.
In secondary school & JC,
I just had to mug really hard & smart,
& I can get my As,
& a good O levels & A levels result.

But it's not that simple anymore in uni.
Bell curve was the threat;
 & there were many smart & competitive people around.
Year 1 was really demoralizing for me.
If you have read my Funkygrad interview,
you would know how depressed I was.
But of course not as exaggerated as mentioned ;O
(FYI, not all the things mentioned were said by me.
You know how such things work,
some things not mentioned by you just magically appears.
But I was really glad that the writer was kind
& did not put in awful/negative things!)

Well eventually, I learnt not to compete with others,
but to set my own targets & compete with myself.
It was already not easy to compete with myself,
so why put myself down by comparing with others?
To the ones who are still struggling with school work,
just don't ever ever give up.
Persevere & put in your effort,
you'll definitely pull through.

I did so,
& so will you. ;)

The very last part to this "Bidding Goodbye to student life"
will be filled with convocation photos. :)
Ending this post with a huge


to everyone who has guided & helped me along the path,
throughout my entire 17years of education. :)

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