f Three Hundred & Forty Four. - Bidding Goodbye to Student Life; (Finale)


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Three Hundred & Forty Four. - Bidding Goodbye to Student Life; (Finale)

August 15, 2011 / ,

*Credits to Ivan who snapped this photo!
thank you so much!!

Officially graduated. 


& now,
the final lap of my student life: Graduation Convocation.

*I snapped this with my camera, hence the bad quality. 

*I snapped this with my camera, hence the bad quality. 

Friends & strangers have been asking me: "Why did you choose this course?"
I wondered, I hesitated, I doubted as well.
I chose this course via elimination method.
Because honestly, even after JC,
I couldnt decide what course I wanted to go into,
& I didnt know what path was right for me.
Neither did I have anyone in my family whom I can heed advice from..

What I had in mind when I took A levels was that,
I just wanted to do my best,
& then from the results, 
I'll decide on which course to enter.
My idea was that so long as I can get a good result,
I can go into any course that I wish to take up.
So eventually, I eliminated Engineering, Science & Arts first.
No interest in the first two,
no talent for the last (even tho I am rather interested in it).
Because I always felt that to survive in Arts course,
I need to be really creative & really talented.
I didnt even have a portfolio.

I was deciding between Business & Accountancy.
I was interested in Business- Tourism.
I'm more of a people-oriented person..
Tourism seemed really interesting.

Then, I was told that Accountancy is a specialized degree.
While Business degree is very general.
Since my results could take me there,
why not give it a try?

Also, with a degree in Accountancy,
I would be guaranteed a stable job in future. 
Every company needs account/auditor,
no matter how bad the economy may be.

After giving much thoughts,
 I felt that indeed, this career path seemed promising,
& it allows me to "climb the ladder",
something that I've always looked out for in my career.
& I can get promoted steadily so long as I work really hard.

& so.. Accountancy that is. :)

Grandmother story aside,
now, the photos from Convocation!

the fun-loving peeps!

 my sweetie pie!
She saw me taking photos,
so she went to the flower pots,
stood there & waited for us to take a photo of her too!

I placed this on her head.
Kaitlyn, 20years later,
it'll be your turn okay? :')

Anyway, she couldnt enter the ceremony hall because apparently,
the school did not allow kids under 6 years old.
So, she had to wait outside (with my sis of course).
& this was how she slept..

HAHAH too adorable!
used the pamper to cover the bright light.
totally wanted to laugh out loud when sis whatsapp-ed me the photo. ;D

R! love crapping with her ~.~

with Khoo!
There was a period of time when we chatted quite a lot.
He's really nice & kind-hearted.

DT interns!

MF, fellow DT intern too :)

Queueing up to go on stage to receive our certs.

 Beee tried to capture a shot of me.
Hhahahah im the third person by the way.


with I, someone's eye-candy. muahahah!
identity shall remain undisclosed. ;D

with J, who takes awesome & tumblr-like photos.
 my "lover".
she's pretty!

with C.
we have never talked in school before,
but somehow, social media made us know each other a lil' better.
she's a sweet & really sociable lady,
with great voice too!

the ladies.

with my favourites,
Jeong & Jojo! :) :)

he totally looked like a Pastor that day.

 Grad trip khakis!


with QN.
I like how nice she is ;)



My Best Fat Fwen & Mari came to NTU specially,
just to take photos wimme!
So touched & happyyyyyy ;D

see that Mr Bean plushie?!
noticed anything special about it?
it's the one & only plushie in the whole wide world!
because.. BFF made the "Motarboard" from scratch & added it onto the plushie!!

too sweet!
& I really love it so so much!
I've always been a fan of Mr Bean & have always wanted to get this plushie.
furthermore, this was Made with Love. heheheh.

The reason why she chose a "Wish Bean":
so encouraging :')

She's the ultimate Miss Nice (on par with Ah Bei, another frn of mine!)
 & I always feel comfortable with her around :)

to them, I am just this retarded Shan. ;D

they abducted my sunshine! 
okay no, tingting was smiling so happily.
she clicked so well with both of them!

eeyer you see her.
so openly wna kiss me.
*inserts shy emoticon*

Mummee love!

With A & SH.
Fellow DT interns!
Took the same elective as A after internship,
Helped him a bit before the two of them got tgt.
So happy for him!
he listened to my rants as well.
I wouldnt say we're close,
but somehow we shared quite a bit on whatsapp.
He's my "twin".
 *failed photo cause his eyes were closed -.- 

PH, groupmate for one of the modules.
funny guy!

my sunshineeeee ~.~

Can you imagine,
3/5/10 years down the road,
& I will still be as retarded?
hello my good friends over there,
stop nodding your head vigorously!!

with sis!
could see she was proud of me!
thanks for being so supportive & always reminding me
not to give myself too much pressure. :)

Mummee love,
the day you have been waiting for :)
It's now my turn to support & provide for you.
But first.. lemme finish paying my $17+k Uni Loan repayment okie? ;p

I was a really happy girl that day,
& I kept smiling non-stop,
especially when I realized how happy Mummee was..
then I realized,
this moment,
is not only precious to me.
It is also really precious to her as well.
To see her daughter grow up & go through so many years of education,
& finally, wearing that square hat.
Mummee, I know you are very proud of me.

Thank you for everything,
& once again, I wouldnt have achieved so far
w/o all your support, encouragements & motivations all these years.
At times when I get so stressed up,
broke down & cried,
you gave me assurance. :')

On a sidenote,
we headed for dinner at Taste of Thailand.
Bro-in-law treated,
to celebrate my graduation ;)

just search "taste of thailand" in my blog
& you can see other posts of our visits to this place.
love the food!
affordable & reasonable prices.

So anyway,
after these 3 years,
I can gladly say,
I did not regret my choice at all.
It's just that eventually,
I realized that my passion does not lie in auditing/accounting at all.
& that is why,
I have decided not to go the audit path.
Simple as that. :)

I did a shoot last week,
& I brought the convo gown along.
& a special guest for the shoot too!

& my favourite!
*Credits to: Mike

This marks the end of my student journey.
Embarking on a new chapter,
I'm all ready to overcome all the obstacles & new challenges ahead!

To everyone,
If you have a goal/dream/ambition,
go for it.
Dare to overcome the obstacles & limitations;
challenges can either break you or make you stronger.
The possibility of having a dream come true makes life interesting.

Ending with this quote which I saw on Twitter:

"It's better to consider opportunities now
than in ten years when life may limit your choices"

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