f Three Hundred & Thirty Three.


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Three Hundred & Thirty Three.

July 2, 2011 /

Now that I have graduated from NTU, the things that are constantly floating in my mind, seem to haunt me even more furiously as each day passes..

1) How do I settle my appx 20k loan from the bank asap so that I can avoid as much interest as possible?!

2) How can I earn sufficient income to support myself and my mum? I really want her to retire by end of this year. Her job is too taxing for her. Standing for 5-8 hours a day, is a killer for her weak bones & furthermore, she has arthritis. I want her to retire & treat herself better. All these while, she has been working to support us. Since she works, she must have savings or she shld have pampered herself by buying things for herself right? No, she doesn't. Majority of her pay is spent on meals & groceries for the family. Srsly, she deserves so much better & so much more..

3) I want to give my parents a good life.

4) I want to save up for my own future, my own family in future.

5) I want to be able to pamper my niece, & I don't want her to be deprived from any educational opportunities/courses, just because we don't come from a well-to-do family.

So all these.. Are related to nothing, but $.
As the saying goes: "錢不是万能的,但是沒有錢卻是万万不能的。"

Especially since I've not been taking allowance since many years ago, truth be told, I do not have much savings, I merely survive on the $ I earned. So it's like the salary I get from each job/assignment, is used for my allowance for a certain period. Get my drift? I don't even have the extra $ to spend on branded stuff. Taiwan grad trip was the most amount of $ that I've spent on myself in all these 22years. Honestly, I really hate it when people around me complain that they are broke/poor, only because they cannot buy the expensive stuff that they have been eyeing for. Or when they complain that they are broke, yet they continue buying so many stuff & go for luxurious meals, & keep on complaining that they are poor. Srsly, do they know how it feels like to be poor? Worrying about basic 3 meals, bills & all? I may not be facing these worries anymore now, but I did. I did many years back, when things in the family were not going well at all. If you still have the $ to shop online for clothes, buy cosmetics, drink starbucks regularly, have new clothes to wear every week/fornightly or even every month, cmon you are not broke.

My mind is in a mess now. Guess I need a rest. Abrupt ending. But, gdnights.
  1. totally understand how you feel! cheer up shine! :)

  2. Thank you for the encouragement.. :)