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Three Hundred & Forty.

July 25, 2011 /

You're my sunshine, my only sunshine;
you make me happy,

when skies are grey.
You never know dear,how much I love you,

please don't take,
my sunshine away.

For the past 2 years,
my lil' sunshine has been staying in Malaysia,

taken care by my bro-in-law's Mom.
My bro-in-law is a Malaysian btw.

She only comes back to Spore once/twice a month over the weekend.
(while my sis & bro-in-law go back to Msia every weekend,
& call home at least thrice everyday)

Then one Sunday,
we received a really sudden news that my bro-in-law's mum passed away.
This happened approximately 3 weeks ago.
I remember I was watching World Netball Championship's opening.

Halfway through, sis called & I rushed home to accompany Mummee,
as they rushed back to Msia.

Thankful that Ah Bei, drove me home,
together with the company of Ting & Mari..

It was so sudden that we found it really hard to accept..
Life, as fragile as it is..

So now, my niece is back to stay in Singapore with us, permanently. 
I've been playing the role of Nanny.
Helping out in taking care of her,
& teaching her new things,
reading books to her,
encouraging her to speak.

I even brought her out on my own, for the very first time!
To the library ;)
It's definitely not an easy task!

My lil' sunshine has brought so much joy to me..
Remember when she just came to this world,
she already made me smile the very min when I first saw her :')

She knows how to smile at cameras ;D
well-trained by us. muahahahah.

She has went for shoots wimme twice before!
Once, it was with Multifolds Photography ;)

The other time, it was with Mike & Ian :)

love her too much!!

Mummee's bday :')

at Sheng Shiong

Happily using the new mop in public! ~.~

When I asked her to smile for me to take a photo,
she went to hug her daddy to take it together.
too sweet!

Together with 外婆!

my sweetie!! ;D

I really treat her like my precious,
& I'm hoping I can take care of her & give her the best that I can provide her with.
My dearest sunshine,
you really brought a lot of joy, laughter & happiness to us.
You are our precious lil' girl.
Be good & grow up to be a fine & filial lady okay!

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