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Three Hundred & Twenty Seven.

June 12, 2011 /

On Friday evening,
before heading to netball trng,
I cooked chicken & scallop congee/porridge for Mummee & myself. :)

here to share my recipe!

Chicken & Scallop Congee/Porridge

Ingredients (serves 2):
- 2-3 chicken drumsticks/thighs, depending on size of chicken
- rice grains(my family uses tin can to measure. I filled up 3/4 of the tin can)
-Dried Scallop
-Carrot (optional)
-Chicken Stock

-Oyster sauce
-Sesame Oil
-Ground White Pepper
-Soya sauce
-Hua Diao Wine


1. Wash the chicken drumsticks/thighs.
2. Remove the chicken skin. (HEALTHIER CHOICE!)
3. Separate the chicken meat from the bones.

4. Marinate the chicken with all the ingredients mentioned in (B).
You can marinate the chicken a few hours before cooking,
& place them in the fridge.
If you do not have time to prepare before that,
just marinate them before preparing the rice.

**Apologies that I dont have the exact measurements of the amount needed for each ingredient,
because........ following my mother's cooking tradition,
we always base it on.. "Aga-ism"

Aga (as in urban dictionary): approximation/estimation.

I think it's because we're used to cooking,
so we roughly know what amount is just right..
we don't use spoons to do measurements..
but in any case,
while you can be slightly generous with the oyster sauce & sesame oil,
DO NOT put too much Hua Diao Wine,
& also, appx 2 drops of soya sauce should be sufficient.

The marination should be just sufficient to cover all the chicken meat!

5. Wash the rice grains in a pot, & then fill the pot with water.
(slightly more than half filled with water)

By the way, we use this kind of tin can:

6. Start boiling the rice grains.

7. Add in the chicken bones.

8. Add in the dried scallops once the water starts boiling.

9. Continue boiling. Stir constantly, to prevent burnt porridge at the bottom of the pot!

10. While waiting for more water to evaporate, wash & chop the carrot.
Carrot helps in adding in some sweetness to the porridge.

11. Add in the chopped carrots.

12. Add in half a cube of chicken stock.
(try to get those without added MSG! HEALTHIER!) 

13. Continue stirring.
By then, you will see that the rice is cooked,
& more water would have evaporated.
otherwise, you will have chao-tar porridge.

14. Reduce to an even smaller fire. Continue stirring.
*you have to stir constantly, so that it's more of a congee than porridge.
I personally prefer congee to porridge. :D

15. DONE!! serve it while it's hot ;)

Mummee said it's delicious.
Congee/porridge is really easy to cook.
Try it! :)

On sat evening,
I made dinner for bf,
this time, it's Japanese food style!

Made the teriyaki sauce & marinated the chicken,
all with my own recipe!
& it turned out a success.
Most importantly,
I only used like 1-2 drops of oil.


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