f Three Hundred & Twenty One.


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Three Hundred & Twenty One.

May 12, 2011 /

Today, let's talk about strengths & weaknesses.

One of my weaknesses is paranoia.
I tend to over-think too much;
I tend to have scenarios floating in my mind all the time.
About what COULD happen,
what MAY happen,
what IFs, etc.
& then I become really down
& all the emotional battle/struggle within myself begins.

What I should do to mitigate this weakness:
Learn to embrace the present.
Do not kill my mind by thinking so much about the future.
Que Sera Sera, what will be, will be.
Living in the moment is the most important.

One of my strengths is the ability to remind myself to stay optimistic
and when faced with sadness/disappointments,
I can get over them within a few hours.
In other words,
on top of encouragements/words of console 
from loved ones(family,bf,friends),
I pull myself out of the black hole quick enough as well.
I do not allow whatever happened 
to stop me from living happily in the future.
"笑一笑,没烦恼;明天会更好! "

As I grow older,
I'm grasping & learning more of my own weaknesses & strengths.
Our strengths & weaknesses change as we mature, unknowingly.
Some stay with us since young,
& still exist even up til now.
Some developed as you deal with various difficulties in life.
Some disappear as you grow older.

I think it's really important to know yourself well,
so as to get along well with people around you.

Nobody's perfect.

But the least we can do,
is to be well-aware of our weaknesses,
to mitigate them so as to not allow them to destroy any r/s
with our family, partner, friends, colleagues, clients, etc.
We ought to know our strengths as well,
not to boast about them,
but to make good use of them to aid us in our road to success,
& in maintaining good r/s as well,
or to help others.

Humans, we compliment each other unknowingly.
Your strength may help to mitigate someone else's weakness.
Your weakness may be mitigated by someone else's strength.

Today, I am quite clear of some of my weaknesses & strengths.
How about you?
Do you know yours well?

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