f Three Hundred & Twenty. -Happy Mummee's Day!


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Three Hundred & Twenty. -Happy Mummee's Day!

May 10, 2011 / ,

" A mother’s love is instinctual, unconditional, and forever."

Don't just show your love to her on Mother's Day,
we have to do so as often as we can,
through our daily actions/words.
Nevertheless, it's her day!!!
So just shower her with even more love! 母亲的爱是最伟大的。

& once again, I made breakfast for Mummee.

*Sausage with bread, Honey Baked Ham with bread, scrambled egg with ham, milo.

She commented, "你要把我喂肥肥啊!" 
(are you trying to make me grow fat?"
I grinned, & said, "当然!!"
(of course!)

Gave her a uCozy from OSIM. 
Have always wanted to buy a leg massager for her,
but I cant afford one yet.
So Mummee dearest, gimme a few more years!!! 

we headed to Thai food at Yishun Industrial.
The one that we usually go to.
The last time was just before CNY.

Apparently(expectedly), it was mad crowded.
Headed to another venue instead.
Yishun Blk 228!

Hmmm honestly,
I wouldnt give a high rating for the food at all. :/
For the same amount paid for these 5 dishes,
we could have had better & more dishes at the Thai eatery! ;p

Nevertheless, we didnt allow the food to spoil our mood :)

Mummee Dearest,

your love for me, is irreplaceable.
I love you.
Others say, "no one is irreplaceable",
"No one cannot live w/o someone else."
Mummee, I think they are wrong.
You are irreplaceable.
& I wouldnt have survived thus far w/o your presence.
I love you.

Now that I have completed uni,
I know you felt relieved as well.
Mummee, I'm sorry if I made you worried
whenever I get too stressed up with studies.
Whenever I lose my cool,
or get too stressed up
& start bashing myself emotionally
& put myself down,
I can see through your eyes,
the ache in your heart,
& the worry you had.
You never fail to console me
& make me feel worthy once again.
You always make me feel that no matter what the outcome may be,
you know how hard I've worked,
& so long as I did my best,
you are proud of me.

you always pull me out of the black hole which I always sink myself into.
I love you.
You love me for who I am,
you never ever judge me,
you support me all the time,
even if it's silently most of the times.

You are always so selfless,
& you always give us the best.
 Often, I wished that you can be a lil' more selfish,
& pamper yourself a lil' more.
you deserve a good rest.
All these decades of hardwork,
you deserve to retire & just relax & enjoy life a lil' more.
The hardships that we've went through for the many years,
no one knows how it feels like, except us.
Thank you for supporting me for the choice of career I made.
I promise I will work hard & provide you with the best that I can give.
No matter how much I love you,
I know,
your love for us will always be even greater.

I love you, Mummee.

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