f Three Hundred & Sixteen. -Subway TVC (Italian 4-course meal)


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Three Hundred & Sixteen. -Subway TVC (Italian 4-course meal)

April 27, 2011 / ,

//Edited: with more photos added.

i guess you should have seen this showing on tv :)
Just wna share it here as well..

it was a really good opportunity for me,
& im really glad to be selected for this TVC.

special thanks to Chee Kin, Kar Seen, Jeremy, MUA, the director, all the crew, the other talents, & of course, to the client for selecting me!

behind the scene photos

as my hair is really flat & naturally straight,
the MUA had to spray A LOT of spray to make the curls stay,
but as you can see,
no matter how much spray was sprayed, the curls still didnt really last.
she had to touch up on it all the time.
furthermore, I have jug ears, so the hair had to cover the ears!
two of my greatest woes when it comes to styling of the hair,
created so much troubles to me and the stylists all the time. apologies!
I really wish my hair is more 'volumized'.

Look at Chee Kin & the client, totally engrossed in the scenes!

the sandwiches used for the various scenes.

Nice new people met :)

the photo with all 3 of us doing :O,
epic. Love it!
that's Jeremy, our fashion stylist. i like him a lot, he's young yet talented, & extremely nice person.
 he srsly looks younger than us,
especially when we're in the executive outfits. 

with the MUA(make-up artist) for the day :)

it was fun working with James as well, & im glad i intro-ed him to the casting & that we both got it tgt.
the fact that we already knew each other way before this, made things so much better & fun,
with doing silly actions & "suan-ing" each other all the time.
there was some chemistry & we got our scenes done pretty quickly! ;D

Subway dinner, the taste of Italy!
go grab your meal now! ;p

Subway has always been my favourite fast-food restaurant.
Check them out on Facebook!

  1. hehe just saw this. looks very cute! and you're looking gd too :)

  2. hello! hahhah thank you so much ;D