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Three Hundred & Nineteen.

April 30, 2011 /

Credits to: Getty Images

Firstly, I am not here to preach/urge you to support whichever party.
So please, do not come criticizing me/bombarding me with your disagreements to whatever I mentioned. :)
Secondly, at the end of this whole blog entry,
you may feel that what I mentioned are complete bullshit/senseless/pointless,
it's okay, because as I mentioned, I did not type this with any intention to influence you.
Hence, I do not need any concrete conclusion.
I just want to voice out my own thoughts.
Thirdly, I may not be good with my language/grammar/choice of words,
so please bear with me for any mistakes.
Lastly, you make your own decision, period. 

 As mentioned on Twitter:

There are many of us,
who are eager to share our views(blogs/fb/twitter),
& many who strongly support/criticise either party; 
but there are also many who just prefer to keep their opinions to themselves.
 I'm pretty sure that for the latter, they do keep up with the news - online or offline to have a balanced view.
 they do have their own judgements & opinions. 
they just do not say them out loud to preach ppl to agree with what they think. 
Just because they do not voice out like we do,
it doesnt mean that they do not bother at all.
Whether you are apathetic or enthusiastic,
you should not criticize the other category for their choice to stay quiet(or comment non-stop) about this whole election vibe.

 Words are powerful weapons; social media is a strong influence.
But at the end of the day,
it's the physical votes that can determine which party wins for your GRC.
You make your own decision & not be blindly influenced
by whatever you see/hear online AND offline.
Bottomline: look at the bigger picture,
& not just relate your personal situation(s) to everyone,
thinking that because you think so,
everyone else must be feeling it that way.

I've seen comments that people who are not supporting the opposition parties,
are people who are leading a comfortable life,
hence do not understand how the others are suffering.
Well, I come from a low-income family.

I know how terrible it feels like to be poor.

Some facts:
I've stopped receiving allowances since 6years ago.

I work to earn for my expenses..

I've helped out in a coffee shop when I was a pri sch kid,
worked as a LTA-surveyor back in sec sch,

sale assistant in Bossini, went to various schools to sell school uniform after O lvls,
a receptionist & treasury assistant after A levels,
a home tutor, & now a freelance talent/model.
I currently have approximately 20k debt to clear, for university tuition fees.

Please, do not judge me because of my part-time career that I took up 3yrs ago,

thinking that I do not understand how it feels like to be poor,

because everyone in this industry must be rich,

because of the relatively higher pay we receive for certain assignments.
It's such a stereotype..
It's not all that glamorous..

& by my definition of poor,

it does not simply mean not having enough money to buy whatever Apple product you yearned for, 

or not being able to tour whichever country you dreamed of,

or not being able to afford whichever branded stuff you've been drooling over,


On top of not owning any Apple products,

I have never taken the plane before,

I know how it feels like to worry for the basic 3 meals,
I know how it feels like to cringe at the bills,
I know how it feels like to see my parents worry over financial issues,
I know how heartwrenching it feels to see my parents working so hard to raise the family,
I know how it feels like to envy people around me who lead a more(or much more) comfortable life than I do.
Tough times like these, I've been through them when I was only a secondary school kid.
But no, I do not blindly push the blame to the government 

for causing so much misery or whatsnot.

Yes, cost of living is high (ERP, HDB pricing & whats not).
No one can deny that fact.
Yes, ministers are earning a lot. (but while some are outraged by this fact, I'm personally not bothered by this)
I'm saying this because ive seen senseless comments about how "they took all our money"/"because of them, I have to work so hard".
It's not that I am 'satisfied' with my life,
I just believe that to improve my standard of living,
on top of the aid from the government,
I have to do my part as well & work hard for all I want,
not merely blame the government entirely for the failures I face in life.

I strongly agree that we need more voices,

we need to constantly remind the government not to be complacent,

we need them to realize their mistakes, apologize for the mistakes & to improve from there,
we need them to be aware of our concerns.
Competition is good, only if the opposing voices are making sense,
only if the opposing voices have substance.
Being one of the best speakers(assertive, confident, convincing) is essential,
being impressive & promising & gaining popularity is crucial,
but we need more than just splendid speakers..

It's easy to pinpoint the mistakes & voice them out loud,

emphasizing strongly that we need CHANGE.
Throw anyone (who can speak well) up there,
& he/she can go on & on about all the things that he/she is unhappy with,
& how important it is for the government to 'wake-up'.

Point is, HOW are you going to change the current situation?

What are the concrete plans?
So it's all written in manifestos..
but wouldnt it be good if you address them in the rallies as well?
you do not have 'track records',
so I'm not expecting any precise figures at all.
But at least, some concrete/feasible ideas would be essential,
rather than commenting things like

"vote me in, & I will see." 

In a nutshell, I'm just trying to say that,

while not ALL PAP members are doing their jobs well,

it is also very true that not ALL opposition parties are worth our votes.
Learn to differentiate the promising ones, from the complete bullshit ones.
Do not support PAP for the sake of hoping for 'stability/safety',
but do not oppose for the sake of opposing.

Last but not least,

while issues/concerns may be addressed if opposition parties have more says in the decision-making,

GST may be reduced,
HDB prices may drop,
at the end of the day,
we still have to work hard on our own accord to improve our own standard of living.
please do not naively expect that with all these concerns addressed,
we will definitely become richer or 'have a better life'.

Ending off with a very apt phrase for this elections,

"When you do right, nobody remembers. 

When you do wrong, nobody forgets."

  1. Typo there: "it is also very true that (not) ALL opposition parties are worth our votes"

    Other than that I agree with your post! People should not vote the ruling party just out of fear, or vote opposition just for the sake of opposing.

    I also know how it feels like to be poor. My father is a taxi driver, my mum a housewife, and I have 3 siblings. I stopped getting allowance since I was 20, and been contributing to the monthly bills...


  2. hey!! thanks for pointing out that typo! such a huge error. have edited :)

  3. I've been reading ur tweets. I like how u remained open-minded & not blindly slamming on any party. Thanks for sharing =)

  4. it is entertaining to see how the opposition parties mock at the pap.

  5. (Y) Thank you for a fantastic read. :)

  6. Opposition parties HAVE plans and they are quite detailed as well. You can go and check out their websites and manifestos.

  7. c; hi there. i edited my entry & included the manifestos part. thanks anw :)

  8. it is incredibly heartening to know that some singaporeans do not blame others for their lots in life.

    governments do have the responsibility to alleviate (and i stress, alleviate, not solve) the plight of the underprivileged. perhaps the PAP has not done a spectacular job; there certainly is room for improvement. but at the end of the day we have to realize that we are the most responsible for our own well-being.

    thumbs up for this entry and thank you for giving me hope, shine!

  9. hello anonymous(es)! thanks for your encouraging comments! im very glad that you all could get my drift :)

  10. This is quite a thoughtful and objective post. After all, it doesn't matter who leads, as long as they lead well. The maxim of working hard for your own success will never change.

    I personally am still undecided. The opposition needs to convince people that they can fulfil their promises. Same goes for the PAP.

  11. Thanks so much for writing this post. You don't know how very very heartening it is for me to read a post that voices out the exact same sentiments as me. I was so affected by people writing unreasonable hateful comments and spreading hatred about the government, and by people who support the opposition just because of this hatred and anger. People are calling me mad and stupid for having those same exact views that you posted here. They keep telling me the government is really really bad, but that is so not true. While they need to improve in many areas, we should not overlook all the good that they have done. This is our country that people are putting their stakes on, we should all be really rational about our choice, see which side is truly capable and credible, and not blindly supporting any of the parties.

  12. huishan, you blogspot always touches me. you always says what i have in mind. keep it up :)