f Three Hundred & Eighteen.


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Three Hundred & Eighteen.

April 26, 2011 /

My personal view; you do not have to agree with me.

Yes, it's the General Election period.
So much heat going on & on.
Not gna say much, but just wna share my view:

It's perfectly okay if you truly support the opposition parties & strongly believe that they can improve Singaporeans' lives;
but please, if you are only supporting them because you see people around you critiscing the PAPs & you think it's cool to just join in the somewhat 'trend', it's annoying.
& I really think, there are some out there, who are basically unhappy with everything, and simply push the blame to government. So seriously, can those problems be mitigated if opposition parties take charge? Have they suggested polices that you deemed will salvage whatever situation you are unhappy with? Will they really do what they promised?Will we be better off if opposition parties take over? If you strongly believe so, well go ahead and cast the vote to the one you think deserve your vote.
But to the others who are blindly following the trend w/o even thinking carefully about the things mentioned by the opposition parties, and naively think that they are ALL "god-sent" to "save us", please wake up.

P.S By the way, although I agree that Miss TPL's communication skills = fail, I do not agree with the #katespadesaga. So politicians are not allowed to have branded bags? :/ 

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