f Three Hundred & Three- Netball took up > half of my life (as at the age of 21)


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Three Hundred & Three- Netball took up > half of my life (as at the age of 21)

February 6, 2011 / ,

Yes, this is my 12th year into this game.
This entry is all about netball.
My secondary and JC sch life were ALL abt netball.

I first started in Primary 4,
introduced to this game by my primary school teacher, Mr See.

I loved the game the very first moment I got in touch with it.
But of course, it was more of in the 'fun' way,
not in the competitive sense.
I was just a naive kid,
happily running around the court with my fellow primary school mates,
who were as curious about this game as I was.
We were so enthu & into the game,
that we will all stay back to play against each other.
We = including the little boys as well! :)

Then, I was still in Chinese Dance. (LOL)
& Mr See wanted to start Netball as a ECA (it was still called ECA then!)
I was so so happy & wanted to join it immediately.
soon, I realised that 'trainings' for Nball & Chinese Dance clash..
I wanted to quit Chinese Dance,
even tho I was quite active in it too.
The teacher didnt allow me to, initially!
But eventually, somehow, but I forgot how,
I managed to join Netball still.
We didnt take part in any competitions,
like D Division, carnivals or any sorts.
So it was a really pure passion for the game.

From the very start,
I was assigned with the 'Centre' position.
Mainly because I was really really petite then.
(FYI, I was only 138cm in P6, forgot about P4 & p5,
but definitely much shorter!!)
& I was more of a runner,
than defender.
So, Centre aka 'C' was my very first position.
By the way, in case you are curious,
there are 7 players from each team on court:

Goal Keeper (GK)
Goal Defence (GD)
Wing Defence (WD)
Centre (C)
Wing Attack (WA)
Goal Attack (GA)
Goal Shooter (GS)

I am a midfielder,
so I play C, WA & WD usually.

So anyway, moving on..
after PSLE,
with an aggregate of only 237,
I was deciding between Swiss Cottage Sec or Ahmad Ibrahim Sec (AISS).
No idea why I considered Swiss Cottage,
as for AISS,
it was because its Netball used to be in Top 4.

Yes, what I did was,
I browsed thru that book with all the secondary school details/features,
& hunted for schools relatively nearby,
with good Netball achievements.
Didnt consider girls school at all..
& so tadah, there I went to AISS.

During CCA fair,
I went to try out for Air Rifle & of course, netball.
Btw, I almost wanted to join the former,
but it was a blessing in disguise that I was too petite back then
& didnt have enough strength to carry the rifle ;p

Revealing the very first group photo,
when I was in Sec 1.


Spot me!
Yes, that tanned lil' girl on the extreme right, bottom row. ~.~

more shocking photos to come.

So anyway,
I became the Vice-Capt in Sec 2,
all the way til Sec 4.

I learnt so so much in these 4 years of netball.
This sport, it made me grow so so much.

Netball, is the epitome of a team sports.

It was never easy to lead such a big team,
everyone has their own strengths & weaknesses.
You may have many good players in your team,
but that is not gna make your team win.
What you need,
is the ultimate cooperation, teamwork, chemistry & most importantly,
effective communication to get to where you wna be.
Moments of joys, tears, laughters, conflicts, misunderstandings,
cliques-forming, encouragements, etc,
all these, are inevitable,
& priceless.

Bottom row, 2nd from left.
All those kawaiiizsxzszzs hand signs. ^^

Teammates come & go,
joined & left,
all the dramas we had..

We even came up with our own cheers,
AINB(AI Netball) pledge,
our motto "Nothing is impossible",
& even a song!
(we changed the lyrics of one of the popular national day songs. hahahh)
& the chorus goes like that,

"Netball is our life,
don't have will die.
We are AI Netball,
AI Netballers."

(in replace of "This is my family, these are my friends
We are Singapore, Singaporeans" )

my cute juniors!

This, was designed by one school mate,
for our netball tee.

She drew it according to some of us :)

We even had our own 'mascots',
where we crazily spent $ & time at
to capture them!!

Our banner. :)

this was when we revisited AISS after we graduate,
& I played GS for fun. ~.~

We trained hard,
fought hard,
but regretfully,
in my 4 yrs,
we never achieved our goal of getting into Top 4 in our Zonal competitions.
The furthest we went was til Top 8.

I'm proud to say that,
this 4 yrs in AINB,
was my best memories, ever.
Not only did I benefit & grow up from this team sport,
I forged valuable friendships too.
My current bunch of closest friends,
are also my AINB teammates. :)

On a sidenote,
I was introduced to an outside Netball Club by my coach.
my current club,
is called Llabten.
It's Netball spelt backwards.
They started way back when my coach was still an Under-15 national player.
Will talk about my club later :)

& then,
after O Lvls,
I had to make a decision again.
with a L1R5 of 10 pts,
I was actually considering Anderson JC or Innova JC (because it's in Wdls)
AJC, because once again, they had good Netball Achievements.
I chose the former.
just so that I can play together with my 2 buddies for 2 more years.

These, are my buddies
YiLun on the left, Mdm Koh, our teacher IC in the middle, LiTing on the right.

Us, when we were J2.

hahahah POSER MUCH.

Netball in JC,
became so much more competitive.
Training became even much tougher.
The desire to win, became even stronger.

The physical trainings,
the numerous suicide runs,
the countless circuit runs around the track,
the 4km warm-up for every trngs.
The trainings made me really muscular & bulky!
Trust me.

Our very cool banners,
made up of our silhouettes.

Year 1 in JC was when my weight actually hit record-high of 51kg!!
hahahhah. muscle mass okayyy.
Dont have the photos in soft copy.
So these are photos taken in J2.
too bad...... :(

Went through period of highs & lows in JC Netball days.

In year 2, we had a Depression period when our team only had 5 players,
not even enough for a team of 7.
Depressed period with LiTing,
when we started questioning ourselves,
whether the passion was still there.
By then, it was our 8th & 9th year of netball.

We even headed to KL, for a training trip.

Crazy, yet fun trip.
we did something insane,
like running 45 rounds around the netball court as a punishment.

Ultimately, we still picked ourselves up again,
& continued to train hard, especially when it was near to A Div.

We almost.. almost achieved our dream, our goal..
but eventually,
we only got as far as Top 6..
once again, the dream to play in indoor stadium,
was not attained..

Graduated from JC,
& when I entered NTU,
I chose not to join IVP..
decided that I needed a break for netball,
& that I should move on to other new things in my life.
9 years of my life revolving around nothing but netball,
seemed enough for me.
I used to eat, play, shit, sleep, talk nothing but netball.

nevertheless, I stayed in touch with netball in uni,
where I squatted for Hall 7 for 2 years.
Hall 7 was the consecutive champ for 12 yrs i think?
& yes, we got the champs for that 2 yrs.
It felt good,
but the sense of achievement..
wasnt impactful to me at all.
I played for ISG for NBS as well.

I realized I was no longer as fit as I used to be.
Definitely, my speed slowed down so much,
& my play & reading of the game,
I was sad,
no doubt.
but i didnt blame myself too much,
since I havent been training much.

Other than that,
I still remain in touch with the game since I am still in my club.

I joined llabten in 2003,
when I was in Sec 2.
The thing about club is,
everyone from different schools, different zones,
we come together and play together as a team.

It wasnt easy.
Simply because,
we all have different styles of play,
we have different cultures,
the english speaking ones, the chinese speaking ones,
etc etc.

"Simply less me, more we"

During our Annual General Mtg.
Yup! that's our dearest Qi Hui,
aka Paige Chua.
She's in our club as well,
our senior :)

In case you didnt already know,
I have really muscular calves. hahah

From here,
I made a bunch of awesome clique as well.
The exclusives. :)
We PIGnicked(picnic), night cycled, emo-ed, suppered etc etc.

We even.. joined Contiki Beach Netball.
The very first year when it was organized.
we were even interviewed -.-

We almost wanted to withdraw from this competition,
after finding out the outfit for the competition,
was the sponsored beach top aka sports bra.
we were ALL against wearing just that,
even though it is common to see loads of girls wearing bikinis on the beach..
eventually, we played,
because we wanted to play together.

we kept forming words and taking photos.

My buddies.
we are known as the 3 monsters by our coach zhenzhen.

The recent Daisy Tan carnival.
we came in 4th :)

This is how tanned I got,
from 1/2 ISG nball matches.

you know what,
12yrs of nball,
& im still playing my very first position,
I love it a lot.
& I always feel glad to be wearing the Centre bib.

Seeing my buddies playing on court,
for IVP,
made me think about everything once again.

I was so certain to step down from competitive netball,
& accept the fact that ive gta move on to other phases of my life,
& focus on other things.
I've tried to convince myself that the Passion has died off.
that 12 yrs of nball, is enough.

I realized,
I miss the game so so much.
FYI, ive mentioned this before,
my goal since young,
has always been to become a national nball player.
and not singer/model/actor.
Ive had people misunderstanding that
I'm achieving my 'dream' now blahblahblah.
Anyway Ive been to the national team selections,
& there were a few times I made it to the very last round,
& then didnt make it through the final selection.
just not that good enough I guess.

But then, again,
commitments & capabilities.
I am no longer the active & fit young girl.
even if i go back to it,
there is no way that I can train 5days a week like how I used to,
& because of that,
there is no way i can achieve the fitness level once more,
& because of that,
there is no way I can play as well on court.

& so, because of that,
I kept convincing myself that I should just play netball leisurely,
& not competitively anymore..
because if i play,
i wna play the best that i could,
instead of going on court & feeling nothing but useless,
wanting to jump but cant jump higher,
wanting to sprint, but cant run faster & no stamina,
wanting to do swift drives, but not quick enough.
you know you know?

but then again,
i really miss the game.
I realized, that I cant deny the fact that
I am still very much a competitive person,
& I really enjoyed sweating out on court so much,
& I missed playing with my favourite girls so so much too.
I miss the feeling of winning,
the taste of sweet victory after the hardwork,
I miss encouraging my teammates on court.

the whole cycle of struggle continues..

you get my drift?
do you feel me?
  1. this is so touching..

  2. Got linked here from your Formspring. Can tell that you really love netball! It's a cool sport I think.

    And I can emphatize with your last few paragraphs. When you really like something, but you can't give your best, you'll feel like you shouldn't do it at all. In some way, the disappointment of not being able to do your best will outweight not doing it at all, especially when you know you should be much better.

    Just sharing a bit of my feelings. Do keep playing netball recreationally though if you can, it's your passion after all! (:

  3. hi there! yes I sure do love netball. It's like no matter how I convinced myself that it's time to move on & prolly stop playing altogether, but somehow I couldnt do so.

    I am still training regularly with my club & will be taking part in a carnival in one week's time! :)

  4. Does netball makes you grow taller?? i was really amazed.. :D just curious

    1. I grew 20cm taller throughout my 4 yr of sec sch life. not sure if it was late puberty or netball! :)