f Three Hundred & Four. -No Strings Attached preview


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Three Hundred & Four. -No Strings Attached preview

February 9, 2011 /

Was invited to the movie preview of 'No Strings Attached' by Omy.sg

truth be told,
before watching the show & reading the sypnosis,
& just by looking at the title & this picture,
my initial thought about this show was,
"one night stand with no strings attached (no commitments needed)?"

There was definitely much more to this show..

In this movie, Emma, acted by Natalie Portman (WHO IS SO SUPER BEAUTIFUL!!!!), and Adam, acted by Ashton Kutcher, are life-long friends,
who had sex one morning.
(watch the trailer below to find out how did that happen.)

In order to maintain their friendship, they decided to make a pact to keep their relationship merely physical with 'no strings attached'.
'No strings' means no jealousy, no expectations, no fighting, no flowers
& no baby voices.
They were allowed to do anything they want, whenever they want,
as long as they do not fall in love.

They named their relationship as,
Can they really just have sex,
without love getting in they way?
Do you think that they can maintain this 'friendship'?
Or.. who will fall in love first?

There were also touching scenes like..
Well, Adam & his Dad had a dispute,
an issue which involved Adam, his Dad (aka Scott) & Adam's ex-girlfriend.
What issue was that?
you have to watch the show to find out about it yourself!

Meanwhile, catch the trailer here!

"No Strings Attached" will be released on 17 Feb 2011.

On a sidenote,
Natalie Portman is REALLY beautiful,
& her acting is superb.
No over-exaggerating expressions,
no unnecessary actions,
just natural..
very natural.
You really ought to catch this show & see how well she acts!!

P.S It is categorized as a romantic comedy, & rated M18.
P.P.S I am not sure how much information I can reveal about this movie, hence, apologies for the relatively vague details.

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