f Two Hundred & Ninety Seven. -ECP


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Two Hundred & Ninety Seven. -ECP

January 15, 2011 /

One fine Sunday, Shine & her family & friends headed to East Coast Park..........
*yawns* at the cliche beginning of this post.

so yes, my princess niece,
was back in Spore that wkn (2weeks back),
& of course, we wanted to bring her out!
The weather was good,
cloudy & all,
& we were actually praying that it doesnt rain.
Then, it became REALLY sunny awhile after we reached!

My love for life, being very the HIP yo!

Gta say this a thousand times,

but she's just so adorable & cheeky. :}
We grabbed a bite at Subway first,& then started walking around.

Then, we saw a family riding this cool vehicle,
where 4 people can cycle together!
Us, being curious, wanted to give it a try too.
& us, being steady, rented the vehicle, @ $30/hr.

That's Tingting, my princess,

It was quite fun, with 4people cycling together,
at the same time, it's kinda tiring too!!
They kept complaining how muscle-straining it was,
& said that it was a good workout.

Tingting loves to walk.
She still cant walk on her own,
& needs to hold on to someone's hand,
& once she does, she just keeps walking!
She loves it!
& I love letting her hold on to my hand & walking around with her ~.~



Oh my sunshineeeee.

It was sucha cosy afternoon spent together.
Love such moment;
cherish them too. :)

The combination of: Sun, Sea, Sand & Sky
never fails to make me feel
fantasticallywonderfullysplendidlyterrificlyfabulously GREAT!
It always calms me down,
& makes me feel really comfortable.

When was the last time you visited East Coast Park?
Or Pasir Ris Park or Marina Barrage
or basically any place good for family gatherings??
Why not head down with your loved ones over the weekend?!

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