f Two Hundred & Ninety Five.


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Two Hundred & Ninety Five.

January 11, 2011 /

I give myself a good cry if I need it,but then I concentrate on all good things still in my life.

- Mitch Albom; Tuesdays with Morrie

Less than 2 weeks of holidays left!!

What have I been up to for the past 2weeks of holidays
after the Genting/KL trip?

2 photoshoots,
ECP with family on one Sunday (will blog abt it!!)
one shopping trip with my best khakis,
supper with 2 good guy frns,
visited my Grandma,
flu for half of the week,
met bf over the wkns (& we just lazed at home & caught up with many movies we missed!)
& plenty of lazing at home.
yes, I pretty much stayed at home most of the days.

I love staying at home, srsly.
I find it so precious to be able to just stay home,
laze around, enjoy the home-cooked food,
watch some movies,
catchup on HIMYM,
etc etc.

Im not being trying to be anti-social..........
I rather spend my time at home than to attend superficial meetups aka social obligations.

But that being said, there are still some friends whom I've yet to meet for sucha long time,
& it's definitely worth the time mtg them as compared to those superficial "catch-up sessions".
for eg. MEL KOH! you've been back to SG & Ive not seen you for MONTHS!
for eg. my 2 monsters, Buddy Ong, etc etc.

don't have to list them all out,
but I'm sure you know who you are,
if you're even reading this.

On another note,
I think the pineapple tarts & choco butter cookies I baked were kinda delicious :P
Credits all to the webbies where I got my receipes from.
Promise I will share them one day :)

I've not been having an EXCITING holiday,
but it is certainly very enjoyable :}
Love it ~.~

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