f Two Hundred & Sixty Two.


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Two Hundred & Sixty Two.

November 3, 2010 /

-image via sayingimages

"Hugging is good medicine.
It transfers energy & gives the person hugged an emotional lift.
You need 4 hugs a day for survival; 8 for maintenance; & 12 for growth.
Scientists say that hugging is a form of communication
because it can say things you don't have words for.
& the nicest thing about a hug is,
you usually can't give one w/o receiving one."

image via gettyimages
I love love love MAD LOVE seeing old couples holding hands,
hugging etc. :)

-image via happythings

I've always been a fan of hugs.

yes, I am!

I think hugs have this magical power of making me feel better,
w/o fail.
don't you think so? :')

Hugs can come from anyone.

your lover;


Credits to: Gettyimages


or even, strangers.
I try my best to hug & kiss my Mum daily,
whenever I'm home.
yes, daily.
I always hug her real tightly,
& take every opportunity that I can,
to tell her that I love her
whenever I hug her.
I hug her, because I really love her.

I hug & kiss my niece many times a day,
whenever she's back to spore.
I hug her, because I really miss her.
I hug them all the time,
because I'm afraid to lose them.

I love hugs,
& I love hugging people whom I love.
& I love getting hugs from people whom I love as well.
Their hugs are also the best way to stop my tears when I'm crying, most of the times.

When was the last time, you offer your hug someone to who needed it from you?

When was the last time you received a real comforting & tight hug?

Hugging, is a good medicine.
Trust me. ;>

  1. My mom always call me "er xin" whenever I hug her lorrrrr! Unlike your mom who's so willing to accept love. LOL! But apart from that, I totally agree with you, my dear friend! :)

  2. maybe she say 'er xin' but is secretly feeling glad when you hug her ;>
    & it's kinda diff situation because my dad doesnt stays with us now rmbr? so i am part-timing as The Husband ;p