f Two Hundred & Sixty Seven. - FATSO vs FAT,SO?


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Two Hundred & Sixty Seven. - FATSO vs FAT,SO?

November 15, 2010 / ,

Healthy Diet Week 1! :)

People who know me well, will know that I've always believed in healthy diet + exercise,
more than crazily starving yourself,
to lose weight.

Especially in this industry(click to see previous entry)..
I've seen many people ard me,
who always starve themselves & deny themselves from food,
& complain abt being fat all the time,
when they are already very slim, & some stick-thin.
I'm guilty of the complaining part too, just that im not stick-thin nor VERY slim,
just normal. :)

As I was trying to search for this famous webbie on this person:

take a look at it, especially the ladies.. :)

I chanced upon this as well:
http://theskinnywebsite.com/site/news & gossips abt celebrities..

So yes anyway, as mentioned in Twitter & Facebook,
I'm going on a 3 weeks healthy diet plan,
in hope to look my bestest for my 21st bday party!

I jotted down every single details of what I ate for Week 1,
& gna do so for Week 2 & 3 as well.
What I'm trying to say is..
Healthy diet does not mean depriving yourself from all the food,
& merely feeding on veg & fruits,
& downing nothing but plain water whole day long.

you're killing yourself this way!!
think of it in the long term,
it's really harmful..

Learn to avoid the oily & fried food, & exercise.
bear this in mind :)

"Healthier food can be tasty + we can condition our tastebuds
to adapt to & enjoy healthier options more regularly!"
-quoted from Shn on Twitter ;D

Exactly. Great minds think alike! hahahah.

Okay, so here's a looooong list for week 1!
(i dont feed on plain water only, rmbr? ;p)

Day 1:
Brunch-wholemeal bread, oats, fruits,yoghurt
Dinner- homecooked: lotus roots soup, steamed brinjal,

*Lotus roots soup!

Day 2:
Lunch @ TTSH with Mummee- Subway's turkey breast sandwich (had to resist the cookies!)
Dinner- homecooked fishball soup,
Dessert- frozen grapes
Supper @ bf's place- prawn dumpling mee soup (ate half, & passed on to babyyy :D)

*fishball soup!

Day 3:
Breakfast @ bf's place-red bean bao, coffee
Lunch- yoghurt,grapes,

Teatime-soonkueh, MY FAV!
Late dinner: fishball soup,

*I eat yoghurt almost everyday!

Day 4:
Breakfast- soon kueh;
Lunch- ytf soup, w/o noodles & rice, warm soya milk;
Was supposed to gym after that, but couldn't, cause of rly bad cramps!
Teatime-hot coffee;
Dinner-fish soup,

*fish soup!

Day 5:
Lunch- Amoy food centre's Han Kee fish soup!!!!, apple+cucumber+kiwi fruit juice,
Teatime-roasted chestnut (love it since young!)
Dinner- fish soup
Dessert- fruits
Healthy diet routine destroyed by.....
Erdinger! Hahah.
Had a meet-up with internship colleagues! ;>


Lunch @ bf's place- Chicken rice, home-cooked barley drink
Dinner-wedding dinner banquet

Okay Sat was FAIL.....
But I'm still a happy kid heheheh :)

Day 7:
Lunch- homecooked mee tai mak,
Teatime-coffee ice blended w/o sugar,
Dinner-home cooked: veg, sotong,ABC soup
mine was w/o meat. :D my soup are always replaced with dried scallop/cuttlefish instead of meat. mummee always specially does tt for me.. Very troublesome, but she loves me! :')

Yup! that's for Week 1. :)
As you can see, my daily necessities are:
FRUITS! & yoghurt. hahahah!
Didnt get to head to gym last week,
due to tight schedule + menstrual cramps.
but i did my daily abs exercises of course!

Alrighty, ending here.
Rmbr what I said..
Losing weight does not equates to starving yourself.
Healthy diet does not equate to depriving yourself from food!

Be healthy AND happy. ;>
  1. so dis is ur secret to maintaining ur hot body.. =)

  2. SHINE! Ame here! Hehehe there's my link! http://valerea.blogspot.com xD