f Two Hundred & Sixty Four.


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Two Hundred & Sixty Four.

November 6, 2010 / ,

image via blinksoflife

“Everyone wants stuff.
We wake up everyday with a list of wishes a mile long
and maybe we spend our lives trying to make those wishes come true.
But just because we want them doesn’t mean we need them to be happy.”

— Ned, Pushing Daisies via kari-shma

//To be updated with photos,
related to the labels below. ;D


Studio shoot photos some time back.

Credits to: Chee Yeong & Thomas

4th Nov

Had our regular (once/twice a year) BBQ gathering @ Matt's place
on Thurs, Deepavali Eve.

As quoted from KSH,
"The same bbq at the same spot, the same people since 2006 till 2010, a once~twice a year thing without fail."

This time, it was record-breaking I think.
We had 6 couples,
& a total of 15 peeps. :)

You know, I'm not exactly considered 'close' to most of them,
as in I don't hang out with them,
& don't go shopping, food-hunting, etc tgt nowadays,
but still, these gatherings that we have,
never failed to make me feel really good & comfortable.
it's like, I like seeing the whole grp of us growing up,
& during each gathering,
I find out a lil' more abt everyone else,
abt what they have been doing,
abt how they have been excelling in their own areas,
abt the bits & pieces,
& I feel really happy when I see all the happy couples!

Thanks a lot for organizing,
Siew Hwa, Syl & Matt. :)

5th Nov- Deepavali

Woke up early in the mrng, at 630am,
for my Cheongsam shoot @ Chinese Garden.
Photos not received from Ian yet :)
But I koped one from him,
with my usual method -snapping with BB.

I like this photo!
I like smiling for shoots,
but apparently,
some photographers prefer it when I do not smile..
& that makes me feel restricted,
because I think I look better when I smile.
But of course,
I do understand I can't possibly have the same smile for all 100photos!

My sis wanted to bring my princess niece along & follow me to the shoot!!

The photos taken of her on that day..
can make my day for years & years!
She's just so so so so sweet & adorable.

Seeing is believing. ;D

On our way there..
Credits to: Mike S
Thanks so so so much!! ;>

She will smile, whenever we mention,
"Tingting, 笑笑(smile)!"

so well-trained in smiling right!!!!


& this, is my current wallpaper on my BB.
love it so so much. :')

I love her so so so dearly.
She brought a lot of joy to me.
She's my sunshine, & makes me happy when skies are grey.
In the exact literal sense.
My princess :')

Can't wait to see her agn, for my 21st bday party. :)

alrighty, ending here. gta continue with my hedging topic for my core module!