f Two Hundred & Seventy Four.


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Two Hundred & Seventy Four.

November 26, 2010 /

Credits to: Multifolds Photography

" I feel like people get lost when they think of happiness as a destination.

We’re always thinking that someday we’ll be happy.
You know, we’ll get that car or that job
or that person in our lives that’ll fix everything.
But happiness is a mood, and it’s a condition,
it’s not a destination.
It’s like being tired or hungry;
it’s not permanent,
it comes and goes, and that’s okay.
And I feel like if people thought of it that way,
they’d find happiness a lot more often. "

-One Tree Hill via runawaytrain

you know,
life can be really so simple,
but we always choose to complicate it..

It gets so disheartening especially,
when you realize that people whom you genuinely care for,
& sincerely treat them as friends,
simply think of you otherwise.

they become doubtful of your intentions;
they do not believe you when you tell them how beautiful/nice they are;
when you praise them because you genuinely felt that way,
they think that you are envious of them,
they think you are being fake.
when you show your concern,
they think you are being fake.
when you simply wna catch-up with them & wish to exchange a word of two,
to find out how they have been,
they think you are being fake.

in short,
it's like you take them as friends,
but they simply treat you as 'enemies/rivals'.

Why do they always have to think that people are envious of their success (if there is any to begin with),
instead of twisting the mindset & believe that there are people who are in fact genuinely happy that they are doing well & proud of them?
Must it really be so competitive?

it's really saddening when you realize,
how they become so skeptical of the others ard them,
how people become so wary of everyone else,
just so to protect themselves from getting hurt.

it's always good to be cautious of the people around us,
in fact, it's necessary to.
do not be over-cautious.
so much so that you simply stereotype others,
& become so skeptical.
over-skepticism does no good..

On top of that,
it is essential to listen to others at times,
to heed their advices at times,
because sometimes we may be so blinded,
& do not see the things that everyone else ard us can see.
As the saying goes,
"旁观者清" (click here for translated meaning)..

it is also important to not set judgements on others,
simply by listening to what others tell you abt him/her.
you've gta get the first-hand interaction with the person as well..
the person who goes on telling you all the bad things abt the others,
may simply dislike them & is trying to influence you in each & every way so as to make you 'stand on his/her side'.
yes, there are such immature people around,
do not be too surprised..

yeah, I dno how to give a conclusion to this entry,
but yea if you get my drift, you just get it..

once again, life can be so simple..
why do we always complicate it?

  1. very well said.. =)

  2. Worse thing is this immature person can influence others in each & every way so as to make them 'stand on his/her side'. Such misunderstanding has also indirectly ruined the good friendship... :(

  3. but i guess, if the friendship was strong enough, it shouldn't be broken easily by external parties. ;)

  4. That's why had to let go fast. No point dragging for too long.. cos u will always be blamed to cause the problem. In the end, make u cannot move on...