f Two Hundred and Seventy Three


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Two Hundred and Seventy Three

November 24, 2010 /

*nice sky view, i love.
Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming..

"You gotta swim, swim for your life,
swim for the music that saves you,
when you're not so sure you'll survive,
you gotta swim and swim when it hurts,
the whole world is watching, you haven't come this far to fall of the earth.

The currents will pull you away from your love,
just keep your head above.
I found a tidlewave, begging to tear down the dawn.
Memories like bullets,
they fired at me from a gun, cracking the armour.
I swim for brighter days,
despite the absence of sun, choking on salt water,
i'm not giving in, I swim.

You gotta swim, through nights that won't end,
swim for your family, your lovers, your sisters and brothers and friends.
You gotta swim, swim in the dark,
there's no shame in driftin',
feel the tide shifting, and wait for the spark.

Yeah you gotta swim, don't let yourself sink,
just find the horizon,
I promise you it's not as far as you think."

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