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Two Hundred & Fifty Two. -Tip-it & Nails Bar

October 2, 2010 /


I have HAPPY TOES now!!!!
you know why????

thanks to Tip-It,
I managed to enjoy a sponsored pedicure session at Nails Bar!

first of all,
I was approached by:
& was offered a complimentary voucher. :) So what is Tip-It all abt??
check this out first:
(click on the picture!)

yes! so what happens is..
you get to buy vouchers at DISCOUNTED prices!
each day, they have different deals..
such as the current one (as of 2 oct)

the deals will SUCCEED,
if a minimum number of people purchase it!
which means.. you shld SPREAD THE WORD each time,
so that others will be enticed to purchase the deal that you are attracted to!

an example of how the voucher looks like:

there is a 'countdown' thingy in the website, to show the time period before the deal ends.

why are you still hesitating?!?

can get vouchers at much cheaper price LEHHHHH.
why dont want it horrrrrrr??
must be kiasu maaaaa.
I'm a singaporean lorrrrrr!
hehehh kay apologies for the 'leh' 'hor' 'ma' 'lor'.

seriously, this is really an interesting concept.
the founders of the website brought JOY for us all!

& now!
abt my Nails Bar experience!

it was actually my second time going for pedicure.
the first was during Miss Spore Int'l 09 days,
when we had free mani & pedi before our finals :)

headed to the outlet at Far East Plaza,
was looking for

P.S they have TWO outlets in Far East Plaza itself!
the other outlet is just few shops down,
on level 4 as well :)

nice purple-ish feel. :)
I settled down on the massage chair,
yes! can have free massage while pedi is being done.

kay, next you're gna see pics of my ugly toes.
*inserts evil laughter* ;D

guess what colour I chose?!?
nude colours? gold? pink? red? black?

I like the colour a lot!!
Navy blue :)
ive happy toes now!

anw, of course they do manicure & other services as well :)

I saw these interesting nail art pieces:

last but not least,
took photos with the sweet lady who did the pedicure for me:

& this pretty lady,
whom I assumed is the lady boss! ;D

Once again,
thanks to Tip-It & Nails Bar! :)

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