f Two Hundred & Twenty Three.


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Two Hundred & Twenty Three.

August 1, 2010 / ,

-via happythings.t

I love that feeling.
You know, the one you get when you take a deep breath
and suddenly everything feels like it’s going to be okay.
When you’re hopeless as can be,
and life is going nowhere,
there’s those moments we have every now and then where we just stop,
and we get this feeling,
that can’t be described,
but you just..
you just feel like everything really is going to be okay.
Like the world stopped spinning for a second,
and everything was clear.
I need more of those moments.
-via 52hearts.t

Another (quite fulfilling) week. ;>

mon: stayed at home. it was a lazy rainy Monday. ;>

tues: -casting
-ran at AMK park with bf. my legs almost turned jelly due to all the upslopes! im an old woman ohlaydee. WEAK LEGS. fail. :( but i completed the whole run!

wed: -headed to YCK gym early in the mrng (STEADY RIGHT!);
-met up with dearest jojo & jeong for kbox session;

-Matt's hse for bbq with my sec sch classmates aka Ghosts (as we named ourselves). it was a nice & cosy bbq, with 10 steady peeps who turned up, since the bbq was only planned 12 hrs before the night.

thurs: met up with Buddy Ong, LIKE FINALLY! YTF for lunch, followed by Durian Mousse. Felt really good talking to him, as always. :) my 13 yrs friend, dont pray pray!

headed to Wdls Lib to collect my reserved book: The Time Traveler's Wife. read it halfway the other time. gna re-read the whole book this time!

fri: Photoshoot for Thevoguelab's Collection 25. FUN, as usual! love shooting with Dazzle( aka Desleen, the blogshop owner). she's so nice & funny & crappy (totally my frequency!). In fact, I treat her as a friend way more than The Owner. ;> i prefer it this way as well.
Check out the photos on my FB.
Then, cabbed down to Japanese Garden for another photoshoot.

sat: -went to support DT peeps for their inter-dept soccer at The Cage. one of the GFSI teams came in first. (bf, guzhong & the others)

proud of them yo! sista & I shouted for them so loudly during the last match. there was supposed to be girls' matches as well, but due to poor response, we were (self-declared) the champs. muahahahah.
-had dinner at tamp, & coincidentally bumped into SISTA & HER FAMILY! talk abt fate. ;>

sun: -i rmbr ytd was a rainy day & a super-nice-weather-to-sleep-in day. but i got outta bed at 8+ am despite slping at 3+am, to acc Mummee to the mkt. ;>
- headed for an evening shoot
- steamboat at 10+ pm. GAWD.
how can I forget?! my princess was back this wkn! ;> the next time i see her, will be end of Aug already.....

Love her, period. :)

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