f Two Hundred & Twenty Seven.


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Two Hundred & Twenty Seven.

August 10, 2010 / ,

Because this, is love..

I was in an angsty mode, being all cranky & emo-ing.
She noticed it.
She pat on the sofa on her left, signalled me to go over to sit with her.
This, is love.

So I went..
Then, she put her left arm around my waist.
This, is love.

The next thing I know,
I just leaned on her chest,
& the tears started rolling down.
The tears just flowed continuously..
She didnt push me away at all, even though I made her shirt wet.

This, is love.

Eventually, I stopped crying.
She then gave me a tight hug
This, is love.

She also said some words to me.
This, is love.

I kissed her on her lips,
& hugged her real tight.

This, is love.

I stood up & walked back to use my lappy.
She headed to the washroom.
When she came out from the washroom,
just before she went to the room to sleep,
she gave me a flying kiss.

This, is love.

My precious love,

Looking at how much weight she has lost in less than a year,
it breaks my heart, terribly

I love her, so so much.

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