f Two Hundred & Thirty Two.


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Two Hundred & Thirty Two.

August 18, 2010 /

I’m thinking that sometimes you just have to make the decision to be happy.
Just realize that things aren’t ever what you hoped they’d be.
Not ever. For anybody.

The only thing that separates one kind of person from another
is that there are some who stay angry about it
and there are some who accept what comes their way.
-via kari-shma

I realised Ive not been blogging proper entries recently agn!
& so,
another happening week after internship zoomed past agn.....

cant exactly recall what happened on which day anymore,
unlike the first 2 weeks.
but i've been spending everyday fruitfully!
i think i only nua-ed (slacked) my day off on one day or two,
for the past 2 weeks.
have been busy meeting peeps,
watching soccer matches for TNP Soccer Babe thingy,
Mum & bf as well. ;>

guess I shall blog abt National Day..

9th Aug

Happy 45th, Singapore!

i don't wna sound cliche & all,
but honestly, all along,
i've always been proud to be a Singaporean.
& in my honest opinion,
I believe I'm really lucky to live in Spore

With no disasters,
no potential terrorist threats,
a relatively stable & corruption-free government,
clean water, plenty of food supply,
accessibility, etc etc.

of course, I'm not saying that Spore is THAT great, with no flaws.
there are some areas which definitely require improvements.
what I wna say is,
amidst all the complaints & disatisfaction,
learn to appreciate what we DO have,
& not take these for granted.

OKAYOKAY dont wna sound all patriotic.

so anw, headed to watch the National Day Parade (NDP)
held @ Padang this yr.
thanks to Min who got the tix! ;>

we met Felicia Chin right before we enter ;>
this was our second time mtg her f2f.
& we have the same conclusion once agn,
that she's really outgoing, friendly, nice & real.

it was so so so ultimate sunny!
so we took out our umbrellas!

Min & Jesley, my khakis ;>

Credits to: Min

Credits to: Min
& parade began ;>

Credits to: Min
Credits to: Beng Chye

Credits to: Beng Chye

Credits to: Beng Chye
I love love love seeing this segment!
free like a bird, literally ;>

Credits to: Beng Chye
look at the kids,
seeing this picture made me happy, somehow :)
Credits to: Beng Chye
when the heroes landed!

Credits to: Beng Chye

Credits to: Beng Chye

Our flag, flying up high. ;>
honestly I didnt have good impression of this....

Credits to: Beng Chye

i love Corrine May's voice. I like her songs ;>
she's the singer for our National Day Theme Song, Song for Singapore, this year.

Credits to: Beng Chye

I must be honest, a very big pity/regret abt this year's NDP is that,
we were sitting at the Blue section,
& we couldnt have a good view of the fireworks AT ALL.
the supposedly VERY CHIO fireworks,
were all far behind us,
& our view was obviously blocked by whatsnot.
i dont know how to explain. but in short, it was a bad bad view. :(

total disappointment on that,
because fireworks has always been my favourite..
i just love how those beautiful sparkles light up the sky,
making everything so magical,
for that few moments..
Beautiful dont last;
this, i know.

So i always cherish that few mins of watching them lit up the sky!!

sigh. since I didnt have the chance to see it in up close,
(sry, still damn grumpy & sore abt it!)
I still have very chio photos to show!

Credits to: Min

Credits to: Beng Chye

Credits to: Beng Chye

Credits to: Beng Chye

aren't you proud of our nice night view?
does anyone recall how did this whole area looked like,
before all these revamp?

At least, for me,
I will say that,
I'm proud of what Spore has achieved thus far. ;>

P.S photos from Beng Chye were taken from here.

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