f Two Hundred & Thirty Four.


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Two Hundred & Thirty Four.

August 21, 2010 /

“ So I’m going out there.
And I’m going to do the best I can.

People are going to get in my way.
Things are going to bring me down.
But I’m going to keep going.

I’m going to reach as far as I can,
for every thing I’ve ever wanted.
And I’m not giving up.
Because that’s what you do when your dreams are more important than your fears.

You go out there and ignore the odds.
You focus on one thing- that your dreams come true. ”

— K. Boulden (via kari-shma)

on 14 Aug, I invited my khakis over to my place,
& cooked pasta for them ;>
a pity that Ting Amily PeiShi & Lun couldnt make it that day tho..
nevertheless, I had fun with Min Jesley & Lesley!

*chef in the kitchen yo!

*my 'assistant' for the day. hahah!

Min helped....... in scooping the Campbell soup!

*if you are wondering where was Lesley,
she was 'busy' being the Receptionist.
*inside joke*
*tadah! the product. ;>

Jesley insisted that we take a photo with our mouths OPENED.
then.. came the part which i detest the most!
but i finished washing everything by myself anw :D
cant let the guests wash the dishes!
hohohoh. next up, we headed to the mama shop downstairs,
to buy these traditional ice creams! ;>
couldnt find Paddle Pop!
miss those rainbow icecreams man!

these simple pleasures in life, i treasure.
& i really like cooking for ppl whom i love. ;>

on 19th Aug,
I headed to town for some shopping with my loves!
believe it or not,
honestly, im not someone who enjoys shopping......
unless i have some things in mind that i really need to get,
& that i have extra $ to buy them.
my close frns can vouch for that!!

in the train,
we were saying,
'eh we just grab some finger food,
walk ard & eat kay. let's not waste time.'

eventually..... once we reached Ion,
we headed for Subway.
hahahah that's just US. ;>

Subway is ze best!

oooo, tried this for the first time.
& honestly, the pearls were tasteless.
was I just unlucky that day? *shrugs*
my loves, my khakis. ;>

*totally ignored the ppl in the washroom

Messy to the max hair

Height difference!!! :p
Uni life is starting for Jesley, on 23rd Aug..
dont emo okie. Min & I will join you belly soon!


Last but not least,
I just wna say, i really love these tumblr sites!
my personal favs (in no particular order, cause i really like all of them!)


& a few others! ;>

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