f Two Hundred & Thirty Seven. -PIZZA HUT'S PARCHMENT PASTAS!


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Two Hundred & Thirty Seven. -PIZZA HUT'S PARCHMENT PASTAS!

August 26, 2010 /

on 24th Aug, Tuesday,
I had honour to attend the Pizza Hut Tasting Session,
to try out their latest creation - PARCHMENT PASTAS!
This event was organized by Pizza Hut & Nuffnang,
& held @ the Suntec City outlet ;>

Char-grilled Parchment Pasta, @ $11.90.
Spicy Seafood Parchment Pasta, @ $12.90

Before I introduce to you the parchment pastas,
let us first take a look at the ambience!
It seemed really cosy to me.
A nice place for gatherings, definitely.

The moment I reached, everyone was busy taking photos.
Other than Shi Min, whom I've met before once at an event,
I knew none of them!
But well, soon after, everyone started talking,
& camwhoring continued. ;D

We ordered our drinks, which came shortly after.

*see the aloe vera in my Mango Tango drink?
Loved it!

Then, came the appetizers, which was shared among the same table. ;>

This, is the Seafood Tofu Salad.
I'm not sure how many of you out thr are as noob as me,
but I never knew that they have such nice salad!
I personally liked the Seafood Tofus a lot.
& I'm quite a veggie person,
so I like the greens as well ;D
"Our signature creation of mesclun salad
tossed with seafood tofu chunks
and succulent straw mushrooms,
served with crispy noodles and Italian dressing."

At the same time, the Hut's Platter & Chicken Riblets were served to us as well.

These are sinful treats,
that you know you cant resist ;p

after some photo-taking, it was time to start eating!
*note, there were 6 of us at the table which I was seated at,
so, there were 6 cameras, each taking turn. :)
OOOOOOhhhh. This Chicken Riblet is a must-try!
it's an interesting concept.
Anyway, Pizza Hut is a certified Halal Restaurant,
& thus obviously it doesn't sells Pork.

The Chicken Riblet is really tender,
& you will find no problem cutting it with fork & spoon!
Well-cooked, with no blood seen!
*you know... sometimes when you eat drumlets/chicken wings/any part of the chicken,
you will see red blood at the bones or even the meat lorrrrr.
kinda disgusting at times!
Next up!

The HIGHLIGHT of the day is none other than........

The 2 new parchment pasta! YES, it's PARCHMENT!

Well, Pizza Hut is not the first to come up
with the unique idea of serving pasta in parchment papers,
but these, can usually be found only in those
authentic pasta outlets I think? :)

First up!
Char-grilled Parchment
& yes!
it comes with this beautiful peg,
which you can bring home as souvenir!
I was busy taking photos,
yet at the same time,
I couldn't wait to unwrap the parchment & unveil what's hidden inside!
EGGCITED, ya know!

Once you 'unwrap' the wrapping,
you'll see something creamy........

Take a deep breath,
& you'll smell a really aromatic garlic & buttery smell.

Look @ the generous amount of ingredients that can be found inside!

*char-grilled chicken, chunks with turkey bacons,
fresh button mushrooms, garlic, capsicums
in satiny smooth cream sauce!
it tastes a lil' cheesy as well. (no pun intended!)

The char-grilled chicken is BELLY BELLY nice!
I finished all the chicken! couldnt resist ;>

& a good thing abt this is,
the cream sauce aint too thick.
you know, some pastas (carbonara)
have overly-thick cream sauce that make you sick of the pasta
after a few bites?!
This creamy sauce, is just nice & not too salty. ;>

heheheh, anyway,
if you know me well enough,
I like my food spicy.
Chilli is a necessity in my life.
& thus..........

I added the chilli flakes in! ;D
Next, we were served with the second serving of pasta.

Spicy Seafood Parchment
Yet another one packed with generous amount of seafood ingredients!

*mussels, squids & prawns served in spicy tomato sauce,
together with linguine.

Tell you ah, the prawns = BELLY nice,
cause they tasted crunchy & really fresh.

this, can be found in the pasta!
you either like it, or dislike it. ;p
(of course, for me, it's the former. hohohoh)

*tadah! CHILLI PADI!
P.S you can actually request to not add in any chilli padi,
or to add in MORE chilli padi.

I personally felt that the pasta could be made
even more spicy,
to live up to it's 'Spicy Seafood' name ..
but, there were some who disagreed!
some of them found it too spicy.
I guess, it's really a preference kinda thing. :)
I enjoyed this al dente pasta dish a lot!
it spells...... SHIOKNESS!

Why were there so many mussels in my serving of pasta?!
Dont be misled by me!!
It was only because.....
the bloggers at my table didnt really like mussels,
& thus, the lucky (& greedy) me,
had extra mussels!!!!!
I loike.

With a BELLY BELLY full stomach.............

There was still some room for desserts for sure! ;D

A Tale of Two Temptations!
"Enjoy the best of both worlds
with our savoury-sweet brownie cheesecake
paired with sinfully rich banana choco mousse cake drizzled with chocolate sauce."

Altho I'm not really a cheesy kinda person,
(oh well, pun intended here. maybe? ;D)
I personally like this cheesecake.
It's small, yet satisfying enough! ;>
I think desserts always have the power of making us feel blissful,
somehow. Agree?!

In a nutshell, it was truly a good first experience for me. :)
Thanks to Pizza Hut & Nuffnang!

You can check out Pizza Hut's website & FB fan page!

& most importantly,

What are you waiting for?!

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