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Two Hundred & Thirty Six.

August 25, 2010 /

Credits to: Bobby Yeo

Finally..... after abt 5 hrs of
selecting, resizing, collating( using POWERPOINT) the photos,
adjusting the brightness a bit (With microsoft office picture manager -.- because I do not have photoshop!),
& then to type out the descriptions,
I'm finally done with the entry on Pizza Hut Tasting Session!
Will reveal it on 30th Aug 2010! ;D

Wa.. I seriously wonder how much time do those top bloggers spend on doing their advertorials!
& some of them have really nice pictures for their entries all the time.

Anyway, that day......... (I forgot which day alr laaa)
I went for my first Street Photography session!! ;>
Mike & CheeYeong, the 2 photographers cum friends, brought me to Chinatown area.
Thanks guys :)

Of course, im a complete noob when it comes to photography,
& handling of the DSLRs.
There are just SOOOOOO many things to learn about photography,
the settings, the functions, the rules, the angles, etc etc.

But I've always enjoyed taking photos of the surroundings, the sceneries, the passer-bys, their emotions, etc.
But no, I do not enjoy taking photos of other models..
I am 100% sure I wouldn't be able to capture the best side of them. ;x
So...... street photog is ze best for me!
Natural, with no posing required from the subjects ;>

okiedokie, shall share some of my personal favs :)

This, is my fav.
It's sucha simple piece. But to me, it depicts something, somehow.
Do you see it the way as I did?
It's.. the idea of having an old man, & the 'We are moving soon!' banner tgt in the same pic.

Look at the expression on the old man, versus the 'excitement' as potrayed in the banner.

You either get my drift, or you don't. :) It's okay if you don't!
Not that I'm an artsy kinda person.
But, Art, is very subjective. seriously. ;>

My second fav. :)

he was actually smiling to his frn who was ordering,
while he pointed to the item he wanted.
so adorable..
too bad I didnt capture that smile.

it's all abt angles?

I was so engrossed with taking photos,
I had no idea at all that Mike & CY were sneakily taking shots of me too!

hahahah like damn poser right!
but guess I was just too focused in taking pics of the birdies,
as seen above!

i like this, somehow. hahahah.
How, got potential to be paparazzi not?


okie, street photos continue..

Oops, this time, I took a photo of myself with a big mirror.


More photos can be found here ;>

It's a great first experience,
& I'm waiting for more to come! ;D

Ending off with a picture of myself,
taken by Mike. ;D
Pardon the 10kg eyebags,
I only had concealer & very slight powder smacked on face!
who on earth put on full or even half make-up
when you're doing Street photog, right?!? ;>

Yours sincerely,
Shine Koh.


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