f Two Hundred & Thirty Nine.


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Two Hundred & Thirty Nine.

August 30, 2010 /

School has officially started. It's gna be my second last semester.
Btw, I'm taking Accountancy Degree in NTU, Nanyang Business School.
It's a 3 yrs course with direct honours.
I'm in my final year..

Time flies.
nah, how cliche, I know.
I would say.. 2010, has been really fruitful so far..

the year, I think I took a big step further into this industry,
gaining even more exposure.
Competitions (teens Model Search, Guardian Queenz), Events, Photoshoots.
& I've started acting as well.

I would say that I'm still new, even though I kinda started since 2008.
There are still much to learn, many more people to meet & interact with, etc etc.

Also, I had my first internship this year as well, at D.
I wouldn't say it was a fruitful internship in terms of the skills
I managed to learn, since it was literally an off-peak period..
However, there was definitely a fruitful gain,
in terms of the friendship I've gained.
The people that I've met from my dept:
Sista, Lamz & the other A10s;
they are such outgoing & lovable peeps,
whom I really enjoyed chilling with;
the seniors & managers,
who were patient with the newbies, & were really generous in sharing their experiences.
& also, most of my fellow intern mates,
they are all awesome people.
& of course, The Boyfriend,
yes, he is from my dept as well.
& now, he is someone, whom I hold really close to my heart now. ;>
I'm really thankful for this internship experience.

& this busy year,
makes me realized even clearer,
who are the
friends who make the effort to keep the friendship going strong.
yes, not just to 'keep the friendship there' by saying "Hi",
but rather, to sincerely & genuinely maintain the friendship,
by showing that they value this bond.
the long chats, the random msn conversation, the daily BBM chats, the quality meet-ups;
I cherish.
& for these, I'm really
thankful for BFF(Best Fat Frn), my loves, my buddy, my BGF(Best Guy Frn) & the few other close friends.
No matter how independent I appear to be,
I need wonderful peeps like you guys, to make my life beautiful. ;>

& for sure,
I'm a fortunate girl,
because of my Mummee.
She has always been my pillar of support, still is, & always will be.
Cant wait to see her laugh at me,
when she see me on screen in one of the episodes, this coming Sept. ;>

& so now, a new semester has started.
I know very well,
that I need to do even better,
to pull up my GPA.
Even though I've already secured a job position in D,
& people are all kidding that I can just shake leg & slack thru my final year,
but no, I know I can't do that.

I still have my target in mind, clearly.
it's not even an ambitious goal.

All that it took, to destroy my current cumulative GPA,
was that specific semester, which I did really really badly. (yr 1 Sem 2)
yea, that semester, when I was dealing with my past r/s..

& now, I'm suffering from the consequences.
I do not want to place additional & unnecessary stress on myself..
yet at the same time, I really want to do well.
I know I can graduate for sure,
but I just want to hit my target at least..

Because I know, at the end of the day,
I want to attend the graduation convocation happily.
I want to wear that smart uniform, with a big grin.
I want to leave uni happily, & not having regrets with my academic results..

So now, what I need,
is to
find the gist to studying smart.
Not just studying HARD.
i've been studying HARD for the past 4 semesters.
but results showed that, that is really not sufficient.
I need to be able to really
excel when it comes to the final exam,
& put all that I've mugged for, to good use.
I need to focus, on the right exam materials.

I'll still be going strong.
I know I can't give up on my final year.
It's now, or never.
At the end of the day,
even if results still do not justify my effort,
at least, I know,
I've been giving it my best, for all 3 yrs.
  1. Hey girl! the new font is hard to read! :(