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Two Hundred & Twenty One.

July 25, 2010 /

ultimate hairpeeee day!! ;>
FYI, my best fat frn aka BFF,
is this woman whom ive know since sec 1,
for 8 yrs.
this woman, is my mind reader.
she knows what im thinking,
she knows the deep thoughts/struggles i have in my head,
w/o me saying or hinting them at all.
she 'sees' my thoughts,
when nobody else has any clue/idea that im actually harboring those thoughts.

she's this woman,
whom I admire a lot,
& sincerely look up to,
for her superb leadership qualities,
& her determination towards her entrepreneurship career.
she was the first person I knew,
who has been so clear-headed of her future,
at such young age.
(she had her biz ideas laid out way back in sec sch. not the exact plan of course, but at least, you can see that she's very clear of what she wanted.)

this woman, is someone,
whom i can visualize that,
10, 20 yrs down the road,
i'll be sipping coffee (Starbucks or Kopitiam? ;p) with her,
laughing at the memories we shared, etc etc.
& hopefully,
enjoying our fruits of labour as well. ;>

Bright neon colour tops + white shorts,
out of pure coincidence.
need i say more? :)

Thanks Fat, for every lil' thing.

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