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Two Hundred & Thirteen.

July 12, 2010 / ,

you, you, you & you.
Mummee; dear; my sunshine; & my loves.
because of people like you,
my life is beautiful.
& this, I cherish. :)

my sunshine was back this wkn agn.

& seriously, she never failed to make me smile genuinely.
(okayokay i know this is the Nth time ive said this ohlaydee.
but still.........)

we brought her out for her first swim!!
it was such a great great saturday for me,
because of her smiles.!

initially, when we first placed her into the pool,
into the float,
she cried, wailed & struggled.
Sis & I were both thinking,
"cham already, she doesnt likes the water....."

then, i took some time to comfort her,
to hold her lil' pair of hands, to sayang her,
& sis splashed some water on her head (hahahahah),
& then it didnt took her long before she started enjoying herself in the water!
She was literally smiling brightly,
& tt's when i say,
she's our lil' sunshine. :)
The pics will say it all!

this lil' baby girl beside tingting is only THREE MTHS old.
she first stepped into the pool when she was 2 months old!

This was taken at Pastamania.
I was pointing to a pic of a Pizza,
telling her 'Pizza'.
Then she took the menu,
& act yi ge know how to read!

Precious photo!
she was happily eating her wan zai xiao man tou!

she totally melted my heart.. :)

& this afternoon,
was probably one of the best moments i've had.
I held her lil' hands,
& led her to walk ard our living room.

watching her take those lil' steps,
step by step,
wobbly & unsteadily,
but very eager to walk still.

that, totally made my day.
she was really excited to walk ard.
& wanted to hold my hands again & again to take those lil' steps.
& while she was walking,
she was smiling, so so so happily,
& so innocently.

whenever she's back to spore,
i cant help but to keep kissing her.
i guess,
thats just because i love her too too too much. ;>

ohdear, i cant wait for her to be back agn!

anyhow, change of topic!
as i mentioned,
we went for a swim on sat.
it was at a swimming pool at Julie's frn's condo.
as i was swimming in the pool,
i had this thought running thru my mind..

i used to be quite firm on my stand that,
i'll prefer a comfy HDB flat than any other grand condo or bungalow,
I'll rather spend the money to decorate my flat nicely.
it doesnt hafta be too big or spacious,
because at the end of the day,
cosy & homely kinda feel,
is all the im looking for.

But now,
after stepping into the working society once again,
i think i'm seeing a diff light.
i think i will prolly prefer a condo now.
for a simple reason,
the facilities.
the gym & the swimming pool especially.

i pictured myself,
enjoying a relaxing swim in the pool,
or even a good workout in the gym,
after a tiring (& boring) day at work.
i'd fancy the idea of such simple lifestyle..

Life's simple pleasures,
one of my fav quotes as you might already know.

but ive always had this stereotype tt ppl who stay in condo,
do not interact much with their neighbours.
IMHO (in my honest opinion),
ppl thr tend to keep themselves to their own spaces,
to the extreme that i'd label it as being
but i guess,
that is just a stereotype heh?

in any case,
that was just some random thoughts
i had on the relaxing saturday afternoon. :)

okiedokie. gta go off now!
can you believe it?
Im actually giving WC Finals a miss tonight.
Shall tell you guys why,
next time!
hopefully the next entry will be a real happy entry.
:) :)

  1. Hi, 2 more plus points for condos vs HDB flats

    1)Security - non-existent for HDB flats.

    2)Investment value- strategically located condos will appreciate in value much more than HDB flats