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Two Hundred.

June 5, 2010 / ,


people will build you up

and people will tear you down.
neither should change the way you view yourself.

regrets are only what is left
of all the things that you wanted at one point.

always strive for perfection,
but never expect to achieve it.

let people have their opinions,
and never be shy about making yours heard.
this world would be a bland place if everyone agreed all the time.

secrets will tear you apart.
skeletons belong in the open.

stop waiting for your turn to speak
and take some time tolisten.
you might learn something wonderful.

people will always talk negatively about others
when they have nothing relevant to say themselves.

nothing is as complicated as your mind makes it out to be.

give people time.
after all, they’re only human.

karma always has the last laugh.
live your life in a way that
will bring you nothing but positivity;
you never know when she’ll make a stop in your neck of the woods.

telling someone that you don’t love them
when you really do is
just as bad as telling someone that you love them
when you really don’t.

nothing is guaranteed except for the moment you are in;
make the most of it in case it is the last one you have.

the people you love the most will always be the ones
who hurt you the deepest.
it works the other way around, too.

forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to be that person’s best friend.
forgive everyone, but only give second chances to a few.

when you go out looking for love, you will rarely find it.

a stranger is just a friend who you haven’t met yet.

the best days are always the ones
which leave you feeling as though you just stepped out of a dream.

there is no such thing as “out of your league”.
everyone has the chance to make anyone fall in love with them.

things will never happen in your time.
stop trying to rush life, and just enjoy the ride.

you may need more than just love in this world,
but it’s a good place to start.


MY 1hr worth of entry is all GONE.


-signed up for standard chart marathon!

10 km only. but after playing sports for >10yrs,
ive always wanted to go for marathons.
& 10km shall be the very first step.
Will be running with my current colleagues,
aka the fun (& older) peeps! :)

-Rina asked me why I have few photos of myself..
then i realised it's true..
but i like my current style of:
Picture + phrases/quotes koped from fav tumblr sites!

okay for now,
photos & more photos:

1. Office-themed. LOVE IT!

Thanks MIKE!! :)

2. *scape's fashion show

Credits to: Christabelle
Credits to: Tony Ang
Credits to: Jun Hui
Credits to: Nick Tan

Credits to: Vin Valencia

Thanks everyone for the photos!! :)

Im finally meeting my khakis tmr!!

:) :) :)

time for some sincere laughters!

I really love them a lot!!!

& to my bestfatfwen aka weeliting;

fifty four days of not seeing each other,

is way too long!!


the bond is thr, somehow.

& im very very glad. :)

the mushy words,

we alr declare to each other on msn! :)

& amilytoh,

you've been missed too. :)

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