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Two Hundred & Six.

June 21, 2010 / ,

Sometimes there is no next time,
no time outs,
no second chances;
sometimes, it's now or never.

Hello world!
life has been good recently :)
enjoyable, albeit tiring.

headed for some KTV session with my dept peeps
on Friday evening.
marathon singing from 7pm til 1am!
fun, undoubtedly.
discovered a few 'hidden talents'.
some of the guys can sing really well!
some pictures to share:
(more to be added in!)

*finger on the lips while Wu Bai was singing An Jing
*doing the Macarena dance while SA was singing it.
(super engrossed with the singing!)
* GX's attempt to act stunned?
*WT aka Lauren(老人)& 'Boss' Koh

*(from left) ZH aka em0_boi87; Alvin aka WuBai; CW aka 屈原;
SA aka Macarena singer; GX aka GuZhong

*Mr Heng.

*The guyzzz

ohya, peeps in my dept clique are damn steady.
we had a 'wear specs day' & look at how steady we were:

ALL of us wore specs!
(except Boss Koh & CW, because they have perfect eyesight!)
steady pompipi.!

*GX & his 'Ye Wen' pose
*the "clcl" pose

*gd attempt, but still, FAIL.

*we can!!

*the ladies!

*respecting our '屈原'
*GX greeting 屈原 on the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival (aka eat-dumpling-day)
P.S Wendy & I both bought dumpling for him on tt day!
& the week before, we headed for some Buffalo Wings as well.

*Chef's recommendation (supposedly highest lvl)

the guys all couldnt tahan the spicyness

while Christa & I were the ultimate survivors.
The chilli padi eaters (Christa & I)
felt that it wasnt very very spicy. :p

Look at the guys:


*GX was EXCEPTIONALLY quiet because of buffalowings

*Lauren's cute side. HAHAHAH

*Lauren aka LaoPa
Then, we headed for some dessert before
setting off to Lauren's place for WC's first match!

*Mr Heng. wassup with the centre parting??
*the 3 happy men & their Jolly Shandy
some other random photos:

*formal wear because ZH & I did ushering early in the mrng, on one fine day

*on one of the random days..
with dearest Christa!
*Fraemone aka Fei-li-mong!
*the 3 interns :)

In a nutshell,
I am really glad and lucky to be in this dept! :) :)

Anw, 20th June was the day when I acted in my very first drama.
it was just a very minor role,
which involved 80% cry scenes.
a really enriching experience,
new friends made,
nice team of crew met,
an experienced director who was very willing to guide me along,
& last but not least,
Taypinghui is a very nice guy.
he may seem like some 'cool' & 'dao' man,
but trust me,
he's really friendly & approachable. :)
*photos to be inserted after I get 'tagged' on FB!*

okiedokie, ending here for now..
gna head to Macritchie Reservoir for a run tdy
after work, with AhLian & Lauren! :)

  1. Great to see ure having fun in Deloitte :)

  2. hey there! thanks for dropping by. :) just found out you're from Deloitte too!

  3. Haha yes, an old one from deloitte. When is your last day? See you at the offpeak party!

  4. 16th july! do say hi when you pass by the front table next time, cause i dont know how you look like! :)