f One Hundred & Ninety Nine.


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One Hundred & Ninety Nine.

June 1, 2010 /

-image via hit-or-miss.t

It’s all so overwhelming.
so much to do,
and it’s like we’re trying to somehow squeeze
work and fun together in a small amount of time.

Two massive things in a little box.
We’re all desperate for a break,
for life to stand still for just a moment,
or for this part of our lives to be overwith,
wishing we could just fastforward through the work and the stress and the worries.
We all know that this is hard.

But i like to think,
that at the end of it all,
we’ll be very happy.

We’ll be so happy that all the memories
of the hours of work it took
to get to that point
will be blurred by just how worth it it will be.


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