f One Hundred & Ninety Three.


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One Hundred & Ninety Three.

May 15, 2010 /

-image via happythings.t

“Predictability is the anomaly of the plan.

Things you think will happen, won’t.
Things you think won’t happen, do.
People you don’t want to run into, you do.
People you want to see, you never get to.

Luck doesn’t exist.
There are opportunities and
those who chose to take advantage of them.
Throw yourself out of your element,
just for the hell of it.
You won’t lose anything if you have nothing but time.”
-Ed Grober
via happythings.t
So, internship has started for a week,
& ive been slping exactly 3 hours (almost exactly) continuously for 6 days alr.
(no, the slping late part has nothing to do with the job YET)
which means to say im so so gna KO anytime NOWWWW.
Will update agn this afternoon! i dont even know what im typing alr nights!

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