f One Hundred & Eighty Six.


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One Hundred & Eighty Six.

May 1, 2010 /


We make our own fortunes,
and call them fate.
And what better excuse to choose a path
than to insist it's our destiny?
But at the end of the day, we all have to live with our choices..
no matter who's looking over our shoulder.

-Gossip Girl

莫文蔚 - 陰天

loving this song now!
thks to Jojo!

anyhow, finally FINALLY got to hang out
& spend some quality time with my best khakis.
headed down for k box @ amk!
they never fail to make me feel comfortable & happy. it's the kinda pure & blissfully happy kinda happy.
get my drift?
no? it's okay ;p

we can just went ard laughing at crazy nonsense.
3 women were doing 3 diff things in 3 different 'situations',
while in the same k room.
oh ya,
Min & I 'nagged' at Jesley while waiting for her to reach.
hahah ya i can even say it openly.

nth to hide what, right?
anw, im currently suffering from a 100kg head,
since 10+am til NOW.
it freaking feels like hangover,
but I didnt even drink/party at all?!!

haiya, i really really miss my happy pill at the moment.
the last time i saw her was like 1 & half mths ago.
& I will only get to see her on 24th May,
for her 1st bday.
tt's my princess with my Bro-in-law's Mum!
taken by Sis who's back in Msia now.

I really need my happy pill :(
kaykay no whiny grouchy grumpy.

will restart my engine for last module:
Risk Mgmt.
i will, try.

anw, someone mentioned this,
"if he wants you, he'll come for you."
agree? yes/no?

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