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One Hundred & Eighty Nine.

May 5, 2010 /



sometimes, distance pulls 2 parties apart,
but there are also times,
when distance improves a r/s.
be it your lover, family or friends.
the distance either makes you realise that you can do w/o him/her
& that he/she is prolly just another passer-by in your life
& that you should be able to move on well with or w/o his/her presence;
it helps in discovering that the other party actually meant quite a lot to you;
& that the absence of him/her makes you feel empty, somehow.
& most imptly, that you end up missing him/her.
& that you actually want him/her to remain in an impt part of your life.

so, maybe,
at a certain period,
or when things hit a certain lvl,
it'll be good to maintain the distance.
because at least, it helps you in deciding,
where to go from there on..
if it's the former, don't be too sad,
at least you realise before it's too late.
if it's the latter,
at least it affirms your r/s.

but what if, fact is,
I've already experienced that distance,
yet I still can't decide whether it's the former or the latter.

because I am well aware that,
every action, leads to consequence(s).
every step taken, determines the/your future.
every choice made, shapes the r/s.

So now,
do I move fwd,
or do I stay put?
or shld I take a big step back?
  1. IMO, it depends on how much the person wants this relationship as well...